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  • A Spectacular Valve Cutaway Example

    Posted on October 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    postcard valve front 2

    To most of the world a valve is a valve,  not too exciting or original.  But to those in the business a valve can be very exciting.  The small differences from one valve to the next can make a big difference in performance and wear.  What better way to show off these differences then by opening up your valve and showing the important internal components that make your product unique with a Valve Cutaway.  A cutaway can be used at tradeshows, sales meetings, investor relations meetings, for new product introductions and in brochures or ads.

    It can be hard to picture how a product functions when from the outside it looks like a simple thing. A cutaway can provide the means to show off all of the complexity or simplicity of your product. By opening the product so that the internal parts can be seen you can show the true capabilities of your product.

    CalCo has created cutaways for many types of valves including;
    Control Valves
    Check Valves
    Butterfly Valves
    Gate Valves
    Diaphragm Valves
    Needle Valves
    Globe Valves
    Pinch Valves
    Solenoid Valves
    Ball Valves

    See the gallery below or visit the CalCo website at to see more examples.  If you are looking for a Valve Cutaway or any other type of industrial cutaway please call CalCo at 847/639-3858 or click here for contact information.

    valvecopy copyhydrant copycutaway_41checkvalve copyvalve2 copy

    ball valve1