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  • A Valve Cutaway which is also a Regulator of its Audience’s Attention

    Posted on November 1st, 2011 admin No comments


    Your product represents your company.  Whenever you display your product, whether at a sales call, at a trade show or to investors it is conveying information about your company.  The quality and ingenuity in your product makes a difference in today’s competitive marketplace and can determine whether your company thrives or just survives. Make sure your product is identifying your company in a positive way and that is emphasizing the quality and attention to detail that embodies your company as a whole.

    The company that manufactures the valve above is an example of one that takes its dedication to quality to heart.  They have cutaway their entire line of products so that their attention to detail and their competitive advantages are on full display.  CalCo has done all of these cutaways for them because we are as committed to the details as they are.   We cutaway the valve above to show the interior functioning which can better sell the product.  It is painted to highlight the areas of focus and to draw the client in and it is plated so that it catches attention. It is mounted on an attractive aluminum base for stability and easier lifting. With a custom case it is protected from damage no matter where it needs to travel and it looks great when it gets there because we use a high density foam, cut to the exact dimensions of the product.  We can add logos and signage to your case to further enhance your presentation.  Let CalCo help you get your corporate message across to your clients without saying a word.

    When you demonstrate your product to customers, distributors or investors you need to put your best effort forward and CalCo can help you do that.  Our focus is on making your product the star attraction. CalCo has years of experience with all types of products so if you want to make your product stand out give CalCo a call at 847-639-3858 or click here for contact information.  You can follow us on Facebook too.