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  • What are gearbox cutaways and how are they are used?

    Posted on September 3rd, 2015 admin No comments

    A gearbox is a mechanical gadget within a vehicle that has a set of gears to operate at different speeds, converting the engine’s energy to the appropriate wheel speed for the road. It is also known as the transmission.

    But what are the components of a transmission system? What does it look like? What do the different gears do? To identify the working parts of a transmission system, a gearbox cutaway is needed. A gearbox cutaway is a display of the transmission, carefully sectioned for training purposes to highlight the different parts of the system involved and better understand each gear’s functions.

    transmission cutaway

    Similar to other cutaways, gearbox cutaways are made by first disassembling the car’s transmission and cleaning each part. Cutting begins after the parts have been cleaned and reassembled. Once the cutting is completed, the cutaway is painted with an eye-catching color scheme to highlight the various gears and functions of the transmission.

    Gearbox cutaways are a great training tool to show off the inner workings of a vehicle’s transmission and get a clearer understanding of how one internal component works and is part of the whole vehicle’s operating system. Gearbox cutaways take a lot of time and attention to detail to be built properly, but can be a great addition to a tradeshow or training to help clients better comprehend your product’s internal structure.

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