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  • CalCo at IPPE in Atlanta

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    The International Production & Processing Expo brought together more than 1,250 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors! Hailed as the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, the show focused on innovation (bringing together buyers and sellers of the latest technology of products and services to make businesses successful), education (learning from the experts in free and fee-based world-class programs on topics that cross industry interests), global reach (attracting over 7,000 visitors from 103 countries) and networking (meeting new and rekindling old relationships with leaders across the industries).  The show’s sponsors included US Poultry, AFIA and NAMI.

    Photo by Charles Roth

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together more than 28,000 industry professionals in feed, meat, poultry and more.

    No matter what industry you’re in, CalCo takes pride in making your product display at a trade show as striking as possible to attract the right customers to your booth. Is your next trade show around the corner? Contact us for help with your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858.

  • CalCo at AHR Expo in Orlando

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    The AHR Expo is a trade show with air-conditioning, heating and refrigerating products and services. The expo was held in Orlando and had 60,000 attendees! The show keeps current on today’s AC, heating and refrigeration systems, equipment and components, building automation and more for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional markets. Some of the show’s sponsors included HRAIASHRAE, and AHRI.

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together contractors, engineers, manufacturers, technicians and more professionals in the HVACR industry.


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    CalCo creates customized solutions and unique models to grab the attention of your audience. Our goal is to display your product in its best light and make your product’s transporting process from one location to another as easy as possible.

    When if your next exposition? Contact us for help with your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858.

  • CalCo at POWER-GEN International in Las Vegas

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    Power Gen

    The POWER-GEN International Show has 1,400 exhibitors and 22,000 attendees from over 90 countries making it the largest power generation trade show event in the world. The show focuses on the industry’s latest innovations, technical trends and business strategies. POWER-GEN International includes a broad range of qualified power professionals with the power to purchase. Throughout the years, POWER-GEN International has covered it all, providing a world stage for the innovations, ideas and solutions that have formed the industry. Some of the show’s sponsors included Doosan, True Blue Energy & Industrial and AKSA Power Generation.

    Power Gen 2

    It was great seeing CalCo’s present and prospective clients display their latest solutions and technology in power generation. No matter what industry you’re in, our goal at CalCo is to make the job of displaying your product at a trade show as easy and eye-catching as possible.

    Contact us for help with your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858.

  • What Can CalCo Do For You Today?

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    At CalCo our main focus is customer service and satisfaction. Every job we do is a custom job so we want to give you the best products and make the process easy and understandable. To facilitate that we created this NEWS site and established a Facebook page designed to make it easier to see what we do and give you a place to ask questions or get answers.  Our website is updated to make it more informative and user friendly.  And, as always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, JUST ASK!

    We send a quarterly NEWSletter email which includes the articles posted here and additional information.  If you would like to be added to our list just let us know at or if you have any suggestions or comments, please send those along as well.

    “Your Product is Our Profession” and we want you to look good!  To contact CalCo by phone call us at 847/639-3858.

  • Rugged and Attractive Product Display Basemounts

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    Heavy duty product displays can really test the durability of their basemounts throughout a typical lifespan, and CalCo has seen many of the casualties first hand.

    The response is a great looking, lightweight and cost effective solution that has been working beautifully for years and years.

    The basemount of your display needs to look great without attracting attention to itself, and the CalCo specialty basemount has enough flexibility to mount almost any product or display the way it wants to be shown.

    Available in silver or black, this solution is recommend for products up to even 500 lbs. and can be fitted with fork lifting channels for ease of mobility.

    Put your products on a pedestal. One that is durable, industrial and manageable, but most of all remarkable!

    Click here to contact CalCo for more information or call 847-639-3858.