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  • Make Your Product Display Shine with Custom Plating

    Posted on November 29th, 2011 admin No comments


    polished chrome

    A well done product display can be the difference between catching your customers attention at a trade show and having him walk right on by. The qualities of your product, the knowledge of your salesmen and your reputation will all make the sale but it helps to have an eye-catching display to draw people in to your booth. One way to differentiate your product and make it shine is through plating.  The metal components on our displays are usually plated but you can hike up the drama with some real sparkle using polished chrome or gold plating. As you can see in the pictures above the plating adds an extra gleam and excitement to your display.

    We offer a variety of plating options and we work with many types of parts and products. Some of the plating options are:

    Plating Finishes

    • Anodizing – an attractive way to prepare aluminum and available in a wide variety of colors
    • Electroless nickel – durable, minimal build process with even cover, good lubricity and hardness
    • Metal Plating – Copper, Nickel, Gold plating and industrial hard plating is available
    • Chrome Plating – available in bright chrome, polished chrome or satin finishes and can be applied to any metal
    • Black Oxide – for steel or iron parts where a blue/black matte finish is desired

    If you need plating, want to rework an old display or need a new display,  just give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858 or click here for more contact information.  You can visit us on Facebook too.

  • Large Trade Show Displays make a HUGE Impression

    Posted on July 14th, 2010 admin No comments

    IMG_0225 copy

    CalCo has worked on all sorts of projects but these large displays make a huge and memorable impression.   Catch your customers attention with a BIG display and see people flock to your booth.

    The large and tall display stand above demands attention with space to put numerous products , and with the flexibility to change the products, it can work for years to come.   The stand was custom designed to the clients specifications and we created custom signage to fit.  We created a custom shipping container for the product below to protect it during transit and for easier loading and unloading at shows.  These large products look fantastic on display. Together the stand, large products and large signage create a HUGE impression on customers.  No longer are they just walking by,  they are stopping to look, touch and listen.


    If you are looking to make a BIG impression at your next tradeshow then call CalCo at 847/639-3858 to get some ideas or click here for contact information.

  • Meet Dan Fierla, Senior Supervisor and Cutaway and Display Expert, at CalCo

    Posted on June 10th, 2010 admin No comments


    Ever wonder how CalCo can continually make first class cutaways and always seems to know just what you wanted? We owe much of it to our production supervisor, Dan Fierla. Dan started at CalCo as part of a high school cooperative work program and has been here ever since. In his 32 years, he has moved up the ladder from high school intern to Senior Supervisor, in charge of production and managing our facility and workers. If you have worked with CalCo you may have spoken to Dan and you most likely learned that he has high standards for the work that we do. If it doesn’t meet Dan’s expectations, it is not going out the door. Customer service and satisfaction has always been a key component at CalCo and Dan is one of the reasons why. Another of his famous attributes is his dedication to time commitments. We pay close attention to deadlines and work hard to meet every one. While we always try to work projects into our schedule, we have turned away business because we could not have maintained our high standards and met the delivery date.

    According to Dan the most important information that you can give us about your project is……

    “information that will help me to make your project have that just right look.  Details like, what are you trying to show with this cutaway/display?  Is it the size/type of the internal parts you want to showcase? Or is it something special that separates your product from the competition? This information helps me to design the cuts to show what the customer needs and wants to see.”

    His favorite project that he has completed is…..

    “I had the honor to work on and am very proud of a Double over head cam V6 marine engine for a large engine manufacturer. This project from start to finish was done right.  David Meeler from their marketing department, came to Calco, told me all of the features he would like to show, which helped me to machine the engine and give it that personal touch.  Colors and color coding were all picked out by the customer. When the engine made its maiden voyage at the Florida Boat Show it was a big hit.”

    Something you should know about him is……

    “I get great satisfaction out of working with the other members of the CalCo team.  I am driven to make CalCo the Best it can be for both employee and customer. When I see pictures of  trade show booths like Navistar, DeZURIK and Kimray, and all of them use Calco cutaways/displays to show case their products,  I have a great sense of pride in knowing I played a part in helping them project a positive image.”

    Dan’s level of experience and overall knowledge of products helps you in terms of deciding the best way to display the internal components of your product. Chances are great that Dan has the best and most cost effective way to show your products key features.  He can assist you in creating your ideal cutaway/display.  He also has innovative ideas to show off large products, create working models or design custom stands.

    If you have a project that you are interested in discussing, give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858, email us at or click here for our contact page.

  • Cutaways: Tips for Maximizing this Unique Tool

    Posted on June 25th, 2009 admin No comments


    Of the many ways available to explain the benefits and advantages of your product line to people, you probably already know that there is a great deal of value in getting the actual product into the hands of potential clients or investors, right?

    Cutaways are about the highest form of education mixing with a “real world” feel that is available for many physical products.

    There is a significant advantage that is gained by giving someone this physical connection with your products. Are you maximizing the edge that this type of hands on experience can give??

    Let’s look at many of the people can benefit from the educational nature of this type of tool:

    • The end user (educational and memorable)
    • The potential and current investor
    • The sales person (descriptive and interactive)
    • Trade show staff and visitors (draw and discussions)
    • Field service personnel (education)
    • Your end user’s service department
    • Distributor networks (point of purchase)
    • Website visitors
    • Direct mail recipients
    • Marketing department (website and brochure/catalog development)
    • Investor relations representative

    Many companies are only taking advantage of a slim cross section of these opportunities, and some are taking advantage of close to all of them. . .

    Even a single cutaway can be used in almost all of these areas if managed correctly. Most times it makes sense to make these educational tools widely available, as knowledge leads to understanding, and let’s face it, when everyone knows why your products are the best, your main focus will be on filling orders!!

    For more information about cutaways please click here for contact information or call CalCo at 847-639-3858 .  Visit the photo gallery in the cutaway section at for more ideas.

  • Try on some Gold Plating for that Stand-out Project

    Posted on April 7th, 2009 admin No comments


    When trying to add that extra touch of extraordinary to your products or components, why not Go for the Gold!

    CalCo has a special process that turns ordinary parts (of almost any material) and transforms them into crown jewels, for a lot less than you would think.

    The above photo shows how this process looks on both polished and unpolished surfaces, and doesn’t that make quite an unexpected impression?

    Whether you are looking to visually represent ‘the best’ or create a special display for unique individuals, gold is unmatched in appearance and symbolism of value.

    Click here to contact CalCo or call 847-639-3858.