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  • What are relief valve cutaways?

    Posted on February 17th, 2016 admin No comments

    A relief valve’s purpose is to direct the flow of fluids. It is intended to withstand pressure and temperature by starting, stopping and regulating fluid movement through flow control functions. Relief valves are found in a variety of environments from homes to industries across the globe.

    Relief valve cutaways are not only displays, but educational tools that allow for training in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of common industrial relief valves. Each cutaway shows the internal figuration of a relief valve and allows for hands-on training. With relief valve cutaways, seeing the type of packing and quality of the seal are critical features since there are a variety of relief valve products out there.

    Similar to other cutaways, relief valve cutaways are made by first disassembling a relief valve and cleaning its parts. After the parts have been cleaned and reassembled, the cutting begins. After the cutting process is completed the relief valve cutaway is painted with an eye-catching color code to highlight the important parts and functions of the relief valve.

    A relief valve cutaway is a good training tool to show off the inner workings of a relief valve and get a better understanding of how the internal components work together to direct the flow of fluids. A cutaway is a great addition to a tradeshow or training to help clients grasp the product’s internal structure.

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