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  • Fire Hydrant & Pump Cutaway for Ohio Training School

    Posted on February 10th, 2017 admin No comments

    CalCo Cutaways completed a project for a fire training school in Ohio. We created a fire hydrant cutaway and a motorized pump cutaway, and put each one on its own rolling stand so it’s easy to move and transport when used for training.

    The pump was rescued from an old fire truck. Full color coding was painted on the pump cutaway to show the water flow path. The pump panel was included to allow for the actuation of the valves. The pump cutaway is also motorized to show what a driver that’s connected to the pump looks like when it’s activated.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 3

    Firefighters use fire hydrant and pump cutaways to educate and empower their teams. These tangible training models provide firsthand instruction to firefighters so they learn and have a better understanding on the internal structures of hydrants and pumps—two of the most important tools firefighters use on the job. These cutaways provide hands-on experience and help firefighters visualize how a hydrant and pump’s internal components look and fit together. By knowing how each one works, firefighters can boost their confidence and strengthen their efficiency in the field.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio 2  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 4

    Check out our fire training cutaway video above or here that was designed for fire department training!

  • “Laissez les bon temps rouler” at WEFTEC 2014

    Posted on October 23rd, 2014 admin No comments

    Laissez les bon temps rouler means “Let the Good times Roll!” which is what happened at the WEFTEC conference in New Orleans this year.  The show was a great success!  There were 20,385 visitors and 1,027 companies exhibiting.  According to the website  “WEFTEC®, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, is the biggest meeting of its kind in North America and offers thousands of water quality professionals from around the world the best water quality education and training available today.”  We always enjoy seeing the new technology and seeing the displays, especially the ones we created.

    CalCo was at the show to visit our friends and to see our displays in action.  A few of them are shown below:


    Dezurik at Weftec 2014

    Mueller Cutaway at WEFTEC 2014

    WEFTEC 2014

    At WEFTEC 2014









    We are looking forward to WEFTEC 2015 being in our own backyard here in Chicago. We hope to see you there!

    Visit our website at to see other types of displays or call us at 847-639-3858.



  • Looking for a Pump Cutaway?

    Posted on September 22nd, 2009 admin No comments


    A cutaway can be used for many applications;  at a tradeshow booth, in a training session for engineers and technicians, at a sales call with customers, in a lobby to show off your latest design or in an investors relation meeting to emphasize the uniqueness of your product.

    CalCo has been supplying the top pump manufacturers with high quality pump cutaways for over 50 years. They have tackled every kind and every size of pump and are always up for a new challenge. From one pump for a show to one hundred for a distributor program they can handle your cutaway needs.

    Look through the gallery below and you can see many kinds of pumps that have been cutaway to show the internal components and how the components interrelate. Your unique design is emphasized and with lighting or paint the main features you want to focus on can be highlighted.  Add a base and permanent shipping container, custom designed specifically for your pump, and your product is ready for anything.

    blackmer3_5-16-07pump modelsulzer lcd copy1. WEFTEC PentaircropP7270157aIMG_0031a

    To see more dazzling pump cutaways please visit and enter the Cutaway Gallery or call us at 847/639-3858. For more contact information click here.