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  • CalCo Announces a New Way to Turbocharge Your Brand and Divisional Performance…. On Demand

    Posted on August 14th, 2013 admin No comments

     CalCo, the leading supplier of technical interactive marketing and training solutions for over 60 years is proud to announce its latest service offering…”on demand brand innovation and value creation services”. Over many business cycles, CalCo principals and employees have had the ability to work on the cutting edge of product innovation and distribution for a great deal of the world’s leading manufacturers. Neil Sivertson, the President of CalCo, is pleased to announce that CalCo has now extended its reach to consumer based product offerings as well with the help of Erv Frederick. Erv is the founder of Creative Scale, and is a former senior executive at General Foods, Kraft, and SABMiller where he successfully lead the turnaround of multi-billion dollar brands like Maxwell House and Miller Lite. Neil and Erv have formed CALCO Partners, whose main goal is to turbo-charge brand and division performance, “on demand”.

    “In today’s environment, value creation is less about managing labor and capital; it’s about change and innovation management. Often organizations are dealing with legacy operating processes that are inconsistent with successful change and innovation management practices.” stated Erv Frederick. “ We utilize an external network of elite business leaders, capital market professionals, communication experts and innovators that have the knowledge, talent, networks and capabilities to help organizations build their vision into reality.”

    Neil Sivertson, President of CalCo reiterated, “At CALCO Partners, we bring a fresh, non-biased perspective to your most pressing business needs. We collaborate with organizations to help them adapt to change and accelerate innovation. This change can be internally driven, due to necessary product re-engineering, or external in response to regulatory or competitive issues. CALCO Partners allows companies to access the talent needed during heavy product launch periods, innovation cycles and capital market environments only when required, and be up and running immediately in pursuit of their goals.

    To better understand the principals behind CALCO partners, and its core values please ask us to send you a copy of our recent PowerPoint presentation:

    “Innovation through Collaboration…(learning how to skate fast over thin ice)”

    Additionally, if you or your team would like discuss how CALCO Partners can help you with your specific “brand issues” or “divisional dilemma’s”, give us a call at 847-639-3858, or email CalCo using the envelope icon in the top right corner of this page.