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  • Power Tool Cutaways

    Posted on March 22nd, 2011 admin No comments

    saw 2 copy

    jigsaw blue copy 2gun

    close up tool copy

    Close up of Tool Cutaway

    Any kind of product can benefit from a cutaway

    People are always interested in seeing how a product works and a cutaway can be especially useful to show your product’s benefits or competitive advantages.   Even every day products like power tools can be cutaway and because almost everyone has used a power tool they are happy and curious to see how it works.  At a trade show, on a sales call or even in the hardware store these cutaways make your product visible, comprehensible and the center of attention.

    A cutaway may take the mystery out of your product but that is the point. If you are afraid to show how your product works, customers can get worried that you are hiding something. When you are open to showing the fundamentals of your product then customers are often more willing to give your product a try.  By letting your customer see how your product functions, the quality of the interior parts and the advantages your product has over the competition your product can sell itself.

  • A True Custom Engine Display Story

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin No comments
    before after engine photo

    Before and After

    With over 130 years of German engineering and expertise, Deutz Corporation consistently presents themselves as leaders in the industry through memorable and well executed branding and marketing efforts.

    When Deutz had an opportunity to rework one of their temporary training engine displays into a full fledged tradeshow exhibit, they turned to CalCo and their equally stringent quality commitment and standard.

    CalCo was able to match a standard paint scheme set in Germany just by inspecting an existing display and using their vast knowledge base and ability to think on their feet to recreate their winning design. This included a textured paint finish with a satin sheen in both Deutz red and silver, as well as a gold finish plating process that was indentified and duplicated as well or better than the example display.

    CalCo’s ability to match existing display schematics or branding specifications allows for the seamless introduction of an alternative to creating displays in house to free up valuable expertise that can concentrate on other hot areas instead.

    Deutz also had a brilliant idea on how to accentuate some of their exhaust after-treatment components that install onto a factory engine. The idea . . . to make the engine all but ‘disappear’ to instead feature the additional components while still showing how these innovative parts connect to an engine.

    The engine block was recreated using clear acrylic panels mounted to the stand in parallel formation, and the after treatment parts were displayed as if they were bolted right to the phantom engine.

    Acrylic Display

    Acrylic Engine Display

    The look was impressive and amazing, and according to Nolan Madden of Deutz Corporation,“Our new EAT display was the star [of the show] , garnering nothing but accolades from customers and colleagues alike.”

    When your presentation on the sales floor or in the field needs to be expertly deliberate and reflective of your commitment to excellence, trust the 50+ years of industry experience of having already solved the potential problems everyone else will be having.

    Give CalCo a call at 847-639-3858 or contact CalCo to discuss your great ideas and turn them into a dazzling reality!

  • A Transmission Cutaway that is a Thing of Beauty

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    CalCo Cutaways has always prided itself on our attention to detail and nowhere has that been more evident than in this Case New Holland Transmission Cutaway.  The entire side was removed to show the internal components and then inside the cutaway there are more areas cutout to reveal the exact function of each area.  Each area is cut to maximize the detail of the components and to give a greater knowledge of how the transmission functions.  In this case the areas are labeled so more detail can be given.   The greatest care was taken to make sure that all areas are smooth and plated to shine so this cutaway can attract attention from across a trade show floor.

    A transmission of this size is hard to move so it makes it more of a challenge to cutaway.  The parts have to be completely dissassembled before any cutting can begin so our technicians have to be adept with machinery.  Each cut has to be determined and performed precisely.  Each piece must be accounted for and put back in the right location.  Each piece must be sanded smooth after cutting and production machining marks have to be smoothed too.  All parts need to be painted or plated so the product looks better than new.  We want every display and cutaway to look the best it can so we work hard to make it happen!

    From the most complex cutaway, like this one, to a simple valve or bearing CalCo will give you a product you can display with pride.  Call us at 847/639-3858 for more information or click here for more contact information.


  • Final Cut: Everyone Loves a CalCo Cutaways Engine Cutaway

    Posted on October 19th, 2010 admin No comments

    Small Engine Cutaway


    Car Engine Cutaway

    Engine Cutaway

    Truck Engine Cutaway

    **click on any image for a closer look

    Engine cutaways make great showpieces, tools and displays, and are very complicated to create with the intricacy and precision that makes them look effortless.

    From small engine cutaways to turbine jet engine cutaways, CalCo Cutaways has been leading the industry in expertly crafted displays for close to 60 years,  CalCo’s senior technicians are familiar with multiple types of engines and will put their 75+ years of combined experience to work for you!

    Some of the engine cutaways that CalCo has created include:

    • Diesel Engine Cutaways
    • Outboard Engine Cutaways
    • Automobile Engine cutaways
    • Inboard Marine Engine Cutaways
    • Helicopter Engine Cutaways
    • Motorcycle Engine Cutaways
    • Jet Engine Cutaways
    • Small Engine Cutaways

    Jet Engine Cutaway


    Diesel Training Engine Cutaway


    Tractor Engine Cutaway

    deluxe finish cutaway

    Semi Truck Diesel Engine Cutaway

    engine cw

    Forklift Engine Cutaway

    engine cutaway slice

    Gasoline Engine Cutaway Slices

    Outboard Engine

    Outboard Marine Engine Cutaway

    Details on Engine Cutaway

    Engine Cutaway Closeup

    Before and After Photos

    of Engine Cutaway Transformations



    A few of the uses for your engine cutaway include:

    • Education and Training
    • Lobby Displays
    • Trade Shows
    • Sales Purposes

    If you are looking for a proven engine cutaway specialist – Call CalCo at 847/639-3858, email or click here for contact information.

  • Motorize and Protect Your Trade Show Display

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 admin No comments

    vilterbf copyvilter copy

    Do you have a display that could be telling a more compelling story than it already is?  That is what happened here.  Recently, a display was sent to CalCo to be upgraded.  We were asked to add a motor to the unit so it could be seen in action.

    Often times, when a cutaway is motorized and in motion, it turns into a hazard to those viewing it. Protective shields are commonly added over the moving parts to protect the unit from being handled and to protect the people around it from being injured.  This particular product was even tilted and elevated to make more of the working components easy to view.

    The beauty of a motorized display is that it not only GRABS ATTENTION but it can visually demonstrate your product without a salesman or literature.  Sometimes a good look is worth a thousand words.

    Reworking or repurposing an existing display can save your organization money and give your exhibit new life.  Do you have a seasoned display that needs to be updated or even motorized?  Give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858 right now to discuss the options available to make your display capture your customers attention and keep it!

    Click here for further contact information.