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  • Spring Trade Shows on the Horizon

    Posted on March 20th, 2013 admin No comments

    The spring trade show season is upon us and CalCo has been busy helping our customers prepare for successful shows. Some companies have been planning their booths since last spring while others are just getting started. At CalCo, we have found that the key to success at the shows is picking the right shows to attend and being prepared to present your message and your product in its best light. This can be accomplished by having a plan that includes professional displays and materials and that are enhanced and reinforced by knowledgeable salespeople.

    In case you are thinking of expanding your current exhibition schedule, a brief summary of a few of the upcoming shows follows.

    The Mid-America Truck Show or MATS, Louisville, KY,  March 21-23.  This show is for the heavy duty trucking industry.  We have been creating displays for this show for many years and we usually visit the show to see the displays in action. The type of displays is wide ranging.  We have seen complete trucks on display, engine cutaways, full length animation and 3-d models and we have made many of them ourselves.  The show has over 1,000 exhibitors and last year there were over 80,000 attendees from 77 countries.

    Hannover Messe Show , Hannover Germany,  April 8-12.  It is billed as the world’s most important technology show and demonstrates new technology and automation. This years theme is integrated industry and there will be 11 trade fairs (Industrial automation, Motion/Drive & Automation, Energy, Wind, Mobilitec, Digital Factory, ComVac, Industrial Supply, Surface Technology, Industrial GreenTec, Research & Technology), occuring simultaneously with over 5,000 exhibitors and an expected 185,000 attendees.We are exhibiting at this show for the first time this year so if you will be there, let us know.

    Bauma 2013, Munich, April 15-21.  International show for construction, building material and mining machines and vehicles. With 3,256 exhibitors and an expected 420,000 attendees it is a great opportunity to see some giant machines and make some good contacts. The show is structured around four sectors: All Around Construction Sites, Mining, Extraction & Processing of Raw Materials, Production of Building Materials and Component & Service Suppliers

    Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, May 6-9.  The OTC show focuses on the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. The  conference, geared toward energy professionals, offers a comprehensive technical program and exhibits of the latest products and services. With 2,500 exhibitors, 80,000+ attendees and 110 countries representated it is one of the top 200 shows in the US.  We create displays for this show every year which have included,  underground cable cutaways embedded in acrylic, pump cutaways and displays, valves, regulators, couplers, cables, scale models, working models and display stands.  We usually visit the show to see what is new in the industry and it is always fascinating.

    Electric Power Expo, Rosemont, IL,  May 14-16.  Over 5,000 power generation industry professionals from around the world attend.  The show, directed towards plant management and corporate personnel from utilities around the world,  is dedicated to each of the leading fuels – coal, gas, nuclear and renewable energy, and multiple tracks filled with cross-cutting content like environmental regulations and technology. There will be over 150 exhibitors  and attendees from 31 countries and 47 US states.

    American Water Works Assn Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE 13), Denver, June 9-13.  Designed for Water professionals there are over 900 presenters on a variety of water-related topics and 500 exhibitors from all segments of the water industry.

    These are just a few of the shows that CalCo will be visiting soon. Once again trade show attendance is increasing. TSNN (Trade Show News Network) reports an increase of 3% for 2012 over 2011 and the much improved levels of foot traffic at shows is quite obvious. According to the 2012 Pulse Survey, conducted for the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, 58 percent of trade shows reported growth in the number of exhibitors in 2012, with only 12 percent reporting a decline, all indications that the trade show circuit is kicking back into high gear ….. so call CalCo at 847-639-3858 and let us help you plan ahead!


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  • Is your trade show booth ready for Mid-America Truck Show (MATS), Offshore Technology Conference(OTC), Hannover Messe or the Bauma Show?

    Posted on March 7th, 2013 admin No comments

    Over the past few years, some companies have changed focus and are attending either the larger trade shows or more specialized trade shows instead of going to a wide range of shows each year.   That makes the shows that ARE attended that much more important and makes show preparation a crucial component of success.  At CalCo we try to stress the importance of early planning. Before your show, you need to analyze the message you want to convey and what kind of product displays, signage and other materials can help you communicate your message in an effective manner and then give yourself adequate time to create and acquire the right materials.

    While we live in a world where we expect quick turnarounds and instanteous gratification, unfortunately, all trade show displays cannot be turned around immediately.  We get frustrated if we can’t give a customer the exact display they want due to time constraints and the customer gets frustrated too.  This problem can be avoided with early planning.  How early?? That depends on the type of display you need, the show you are attending and the time of year.

    The type of display will partly dictate the time needed for show preparation. Some small displays and cutaways can be turned around in a short time but the majority of the work we do requires 4-8 weeks. Most cutaway jobs require disassembly, cutting of each piece, painting, reassembly, creation of a custom base or stand, creation of a custom shipper.  We pride ourselves on our quality so we take the time to make sure your display lives up to your expectations and our expectations.  For other types of displays like lightweight models, 3-D printing and animation the length of time necessary depends on the complexity of the project and can vary from a few days to a few months. Advance planning will help you get the results that you need from the shows you attend.

    In addition to the time it takes to create your display, you need to consider shipping time too.  While most destinations in the US can be reached in a few days, if necessary, the charge for expedited shipping can be high.  For international destinations, weeks can be required if your display is going by ship instead of flying.  Make sure you consider the time necessary for transportation when getting ready for your show.

    Finally, the time of year can affect your trade show planning schedule since most shows occur in the spring and fall.  During these times our turnaround times can be longer due to the volume.  If we can’t meet your deadline than we won’t take your business.  We don’t like to disappoint our customers.

    If you need a display for an upcoming show and need an indication of turnaround times or types of displays that we can create, just give us a call. We are happy to help with your planning process so that you can have a successful show. We will be visiting the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS), Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and Hannover Messe in the next few months. Let us know if you will be there too and we will stop by your booth.

    Call CalCo at 847/639-3858.  Click here for our contact information or find us on Facebook.












  • OTC is Right Around the Corner, Are You Ready?

    Posted on February 21st, 2012 admin No comments

    The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is set for April 30-May 3, 2012 in Houston, TX. This is an annual event which showcases the development of offshore resources for drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. With 2000 booths and an expected 70,000 industry leaders and buyers it should be a great show. As always CalCo is working on displays for the show already. With just 5 weeks to go time is getting very short so if you are looking to add or update a display to your booth call CalCo today!

    We offer all kinds of product displays but our specialty is product cutaways and you would be surprised at some of the products that we have been able to cutaway.   The ability to show your clients first hand the internal workings of your product can leave a longer lasting impression than words alone and it enables a better understanding.  At CalCo we are always excited for opportunities to show our expertise, whether it is with products we are familiar with or new challenges that present themselves,  especially in the always expanding oil and gas industry.  From actuators, compressors, valves, to every type of pump, drilling equipment, above ground or underwater we will find a solution to display your product.  Below are some examples of products we helped display:

    Product CutawaysHose Cable Cutaway

    Tensioner CutawayProduct Embedment

    Motor Display

    We will be attending OTC this year too so if you would like us to stop by your booth just let us know.  We can give you some new display ideas and get started on a quote for your product.  We look forward to seeing you and all of the new innovations for 2012.

    To contact CalCo call us at 847/639-3858 or click for our contact page.

  • Subsea Oil Bundle Displays: Exploring New Options

    Posted on April 26th, 2011 admin No comments

    Since the beginning, people have always been fascinated by exploring. Finding new places, discovering new information through unique ideas, and embracing the entire journey to which we reach our goals and expectations is why we keep seeking. And two of the most essential elements of accomplishing these feats is first equipping ourselves with the proper tools; and second, convincing others that the task at hand is obtainable.

    These ideas come to mind because a major issue that we are dealing with throughout the world right now is oil, its discovery and the many technologies existent and emerging for acquiring it. Over the past several months CalCo has received many requests to dissect oil equipment, mainly the subsea tubing used to extract oil from depths of the oceans that are hard to even fathom. This brings us to the two points we mentioned earlier:

    Tools As you can see from the pictures below we have cutaway this tubing to show the intricate hoses and materials with which they are made. There are many different styles which serve different functions. Companies are persistently trying to find the most effective and, most importantly, safest ways to provide consumers with petroleum.

    Multiple bundle display 2

    Hose Bundle  Display

    Innovation and Technique Once the tools have been established there is the need to show others that, in this case, the product is effective and separates itself from others in the same field.  With these tools cut away you can easily describe the functionality and superior edge over the competition and show that in the end they will be the reason the job will get done right!

    Like many before and after us, CalCo looks forward to any task that is put in front of us.  So whatever the job may be, CalCo will find a creative and effective way for you to demonstrate your objective to help us all move forward.  If you are interested in creating a unique product display call CalCo at 847-638-3858 or click here.

    For more information on the latest products in off-shore technology visit the OTC Shows website at