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  • CalCo’s Scale Models for National OilWell Varco Displayed at Major E&P Training Facility

    Posted on August 11th, 2015 admin No comments

    NOV Wellbore Technologies business units were given the opportunity to donate equipment and models to be displayed at a major E&P company’s new training facility in Robert, Louisiana. WellSite Services, a business unit of NOV comprised of BRANDT™ Products, FluidControl and Site Services, hired CalCo to create a large mixer cutaway as well as three scale models including a VSM™ Multi-Sizer Separator, HS-2172 Centrifuge with a control panel and a DG-10 Degasser to be donated.

    “It was a pleasure working with a professional company like CalCo. The models looked great, and we are all very pleased with the fine craftsmanship.” -Ruth Douglass, NOV Wellbore Technologies WellSite Services


    Scale models are a great prototype option that markets new products fast and sells the outstanding product features without having to invest in high production costs for full size models. At CalCo, we use a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes and options for scale models and can customize a display to fit any requests or needs. We are proud to work with several global and multinational corporations and assist in increasing their corporate sales through scale models.

    Contact us about our scale models or other services by calling us at 847.639.3858, emailing us at or filling out our form here. We will be happy to assist you!