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  • Light Up Your Product and Grab Your Customers Attention

    Posted on December 9th, 2010 admin No comments

    working model lightinglamp2IMG_0487a

    Use specialized product lighting to highlight your product and see the difference in your results.  Trade shows can get tedious for the attendees so you need a way to get their attention and keep it.   With unique product lighting and an eye catching display you can get extra interest focused on your product and have the opportunity to tell your product story.   CalCo has been creating custom product displays for over 60 years and we specialize in making your product stand out.  We use a variety of lighting options to electrify your product and captivate your audience.

    Lighting Options include:

    • Halogen Spotlights
    • Lamps
    • LED lightstrips
    • Basemounts with interior lighting through your logo

    lcd copydennison3-4-04 (2)IMG_0386alightedshowcropLCD Strips copy

    In addition to trade show displays, specialized product lighting is also an excellent idea for your showroom or lobby displays.  To create a striking lighting display for your product call CalCo at 847/639-3858 or click here to get contact information.

  • The Buck Stops Here

    Posted on November 20th, 2009 admin No comments

    Publication1Your company uses a variety of vendors for certain products or services every day, making make life easier for everyone. So do we.

    Your company probably uses a few providers that actually make life more difficult for you or your coworkers. Same here.

    On Monday one of our primary vendors emailed to let us know that our project with them was complete. . .Great.

    This was typical and expected. . .

    However, the details on getting the order back to us were left out, forcing us to stop what we were doing, contact them about it and make these arrangements ourselves. Done.

    Once the items were received, we found quality issues on practically every piece that was delivered. Where was the quality control??

    We would have sent the entire order back to be redone from scratch, except that we needed these pieces for a larger project that our client was expecting on time. We had to stop what we were doing (again) and fix every mistake and flaw to bring this project back up to our high standard of quality, (which our client expects).

    Everything worked out in the end, our client was thrilled with the final result and his coworkers were equally impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, (and the shipping was arranged without our client’s involvement whatsoever).

    So the extra effort on our end resulted in a great experience for our client. We love that.

    The vendor’s actions, on the other hand, had to be managed, monitored and corrected.   Is this the case with some of your providers?

    Communication and responsibility are the landmarks of a company you can trust for the long term. The reason companies like CalCo have been around for over half a century, is because they are trusted, respected and are the go-to guys when quality and professionalism are important.

    Did you know that CalCo can handle your POP displays, your screen printing, your photography, your display storage, your prototyping, your sales cases, your website design, your 3D animation, your metal finishing, your large format printing, your digital image manipulation, and many of the other items you struggle with every day?  It’s true.

    Please call 847-639-3858 or email to see if your project can be handled correctly this time by CalCo, let us handle the problems so you can just sleep easy for once.

  • Working Models Draw People In

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 admin No comments


    Motorizing your products is a great way to attract interest and show func­tionality. Many products can be actuated or rotated with a few minor adjustments and the right horsepower. Lighting and a descriptive backdrop can finish off the whole scene.

    Whether a fluid handling display or an actuating component, movement in your display will pay off for you in terms of people being drawn in by the movement and immediately asking questions about what is being shown.

    Add a push button or two to give the audience something to interact with themselves, and you will find people clamoring to try it for themselves.

    When marketing your product, the more of the (5) senses you can involve in a memorable way, the more likely it will be that your display/salesmen/company will be remembered long after the crate has been latched and the freight ticket attached.

    If a product is too large for this type of service (or too small), consider a 3D animation sequence to show your products in action. Add a touch screen display where your customer can virtually interact with your product, and you will find a line of people waiting to try it for themselves.

    Get your audience involved and tell your story to a captivated audience. The results will speak for themselves. Click here to contact CalCo or call 847/639-3858 for more information.

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