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  • Let Us Sweat The Small Stuff (Outsourcing vs. In House Production)

    Posted on June 12th, 2017 admin No comments


    Do you make your own tradeshow displays internally? It may make sense to consider outsourcing them. There are many factors to consider such as time savings, cost management, employee time and expense, internal material availability, and the experience it sometimes requires to efficiently create a show stopping demo.

    Time Efficiency – It may seem like doing everything within your own company will save time, but oftentimes the opposite occurs and many crucial hours are lost. Your internal team already has specific tasks to do on a daily basis. It can become very time consuming to add product design to their plate.

    Outsourcing with CalCo solves this problem. Have a dedicated team that is readily available and equipped to handle the entire process with skill and agility.

    Production Loss – If your team is spending time focusing on display processing, then other things are being placed on the back burner. This usually means production profit is decreased because the process has been extended.

    When outsourcing a model, there is no reason for a stall on any production processes or profits. While CalCo creates your show model, you can take the operational time needed to stay on schedule with all your clients.

    DETAILS! – Many hands must be involved to smoothly take the process from beginning to end. This causes interruptions, multiple departments worrying about minor details and adjustments that may be needed on the fly.

    Outsourcing removes those interruptions from the workflow. CalCo specializes in creating show models for many companies and knows exactly how to do the process efficiently. Let us sweat the small stuff!

    Show Paint vs. Production Paint – CalCo understands the significance of creating a show model. While production paint serves more of an industrial purpose, we prioritize solely on using automotive “show quality” paint for all models. This creates a professional and alluring look for displays and creates a lasting impression.

    Stands and Base mounts – Having made thousands of stands and display tables over years gives you a fast, reliable and tested solution for displaying your products. You will see the rewards when your finished product showcase is both durable and attractive.

    Outsourcing needs is a decision that will greatly benefit your bottom line and your company’s efficiency without adversely affecting your image. If you choose CalCo to handle this work for you, rest assured you are in experienced hands.