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  • A True Custom Engine Display Story

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin No comments
    before after engine photo

    Before and After

    With over 130 years of German engineering and expertise, Deutz Corporation consistently presents themselves as leaders in the industry through memorable and well executed branding and marketing efforts.

    When Deutz had an opportunity to rework one of their temporary training engine displays into a full fledged tradeshow exhibit, they turned to CalCo and their equally stringent quality commitment and standard.

    CalCo was able to match a standard paint scheme set in Germany just by inspecting an existing display and using their vast knowledge base and ability to think on their feet to recreate their winning design. This included a textured paint finish with a satin sheen in both Deutz red and silver, as well as a gold finish plating process that was indentified and duplicated as well or better than the example display.

    CalCo’s ability to match existing display schematics or branding specifications allows for the seamless introduction of an alternative to creating displays in house to free up valuable expertise that can concentrate on other hot areas instead.

    Deutz also had a brilliant idea on how to accentuate some of their exhaust after-treatment components that install onto a factory engine. The idea . . . to make the engine all but ‘disappear’ to instead feature the additional components while still showing how these innovative parts connect to an engine.

    The engine block was recreated using clear acrylic panels mounted to the stand in parallel formation, and the after treatment parts were displayed as if they were bolted right to the phantom engine.

    Acrylic Display

    Acrylic Engine Display

    The look was impressive and amazing, and according to Nolan Madden of Deutz Corporation,“Our new EAT display was the star [of the show] , garnering nothing but accolades from customers and colleagues alike.”

    When your presentation on the sales floor or in the field needs to be expertly deliberate and reflective of your commitment to excellence, trust the 50+ years of industry experience of having already solved the potential problems everyone else will be having.

    Give CalCo a call at 847-639-3858 or contact CalCo to discuss your great ideas and turn them into a dazzling reality!

  • CalCo reworks displays to look as good as NEW

    Posted on May 8th, 2009 admin No comments

    If you have a display or cutaway that is beginning to show its age we are happy to rework it. After being shipped from show to show and being handled and touched by countless people every display can begin to show some wear. Whether it needs a new paint job or you want to add a cutaway section you can send it to us and feel confident that we will do our best to make it look as good as new even if we didn’t do the original work. Save some money on shipping and do it when you are at a show near Chicago!

    If we can do this…….

    Before                                                                                After


    then we can do almost anything!

    Contact us at, call 847/639-3858 or click here.

  • Turn Recycled Products into Brand New Training Equipment

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 admin No comments


    Why use brand new equipment to create product displays when used and even broken equipment can be transformed into spectacular training and even show displays?

    CalCo uses every trick in the book to effectively downplay and minimize any imperfections and create a stunning cutaway or display that works especially well as a training aid. Oftentimes CalCo can even source a used engine or pump for you when one is presently unavailable.

    This rework process works just as well with your older show products that may have been damaged or changed configuration over time. Click here to see some additional Before and After examples of how CalCo can help transform your products.

    Click here to contact CalCo or call 847/639-3858.