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  • An Expert Agrees “It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts…”

    Posted on March 9th, 2010 David Meeler No comments


    It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

    How many times have truer words never been spoken?  When recently introducing our newest outboard engine, this was truly where the story lie…on the inside.

    I immediately thought of using a cutaway of this new engine to show prospective customers the game-changing thinking and technology inside it.  Having used CalCo’s services in the past, the cutaway they expertly prepared helped greatly by allowing me to both show and explain the internal technology that makes our new V6 outboard powerhead so one-of-a-kind.  In fact, numerous customers commented on the cutaway’s ability to help them see and understand the features that created the benefits, as discussed in various product introduction presentations and materials.

    It should be noted that, at the time this cutaway was created, the product had not yet been introduced anywhere in the world, so strict confidentiality measures had to be followed.  In addition, the actual powerhead that was used for the cutaway was one of only four in the world at the time, so a replacement was not available.  Add in the fact that we only had a few weeks to get this fully prepared and on-site, and it’s plain to see there was absolutely no room for error!

    You’ve heard it said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Having this cutaway as a teaching tool was equally as invaluable.  In short, the level of detail shown in the cutaway Calco prepared stole the show, and made my job a lot easier.  It’s why I’ve used them 3 times previous, and will call them again next time I need cutaway services.

    David Meeler

    Product Marketing and Information Manager

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  • What is so Amazing about an Engine Cutaway?

    Posted on September 11th, 2009 admin No comments


    Much of the beauty of an engine is in the details. In order to see all of these details, such as the pistons, crank shaft and valve train components as well as how they function together, a cutaway is an ideal solution.

    With a cutaway you can not only see how the individual parts function but you can see how they relate to each other.  From the exterior many engines may seem similar; but once the interior is exposed with a cutaway, you can see the unique attributes of the individual engine inside and its configuration.

    These are the important elements that can mean all the difference in power, performance and efficiency.  Using a cutaway will clearly show where the advantages and benefits are and how a particular model can outperform the competition by showing the internal configuration and how the parts interrelate.

    Even some of the external components, such as the fuel pump or alternator, can contain hidden features that benefit from a cutaway as well.

    “Hands on education has always been, and will always be the best way to inform and educate an audience on products and mechanical relationships.”

    View the gallery of engine cutaways below and you can see that CalCo knows engines and how to make them a work of art.


    For more cutaway photos please visit and look in the Cutaways Gallery.  If you would like information on having your engine or any other product cutaway, please contact CalCo at 847/639-3858 or click here for contact information.

  • Cutaways: Tips for Maximizing this Unique Tool

    Posted on June 25th, 2009 admin No comments


    Of the many ways available to explain the benefits and advantages of your product line to people, you probably already know that there is a great deal of value in getting the actual product into the hands of potential clients or investors, right?

    Cutaways are about the highest form of education mixing with a “real world” feel that is available for many physical products.

    There is a significant advantage that is gained by giving someone this physical connection with your products. Are you maximizing the edge that this type of hands on experience can give??

    Let’s look at many of the people can benefit from the educational nature of this type of tool:

    • The end user (educational and memorable)
    • The potential and current investor
    • The sales person (descriptive and interactive)
    • Trade show staff and visitors (draw and discussions)
    • Field service personnel (education)
    • Your end user’s service department
    • Distributor networks (point of purchase)
    • Website visitors
    • Direct mail recipients
    • Marketing department (website and brochure/catalog development)
    • Investor relations representative

    Many companies are only taking advantage of a slim cross section of these opportunities, and some are taking advantage of close to all of them. . .

    Even a single cutaway can be used in almost all of these areas if managed correctly. Most times it makes sense to make these educational tools widely available, as knowledge leads to understanding, and let’s face it, when everyone knows why your products are the best, your main focus will be on filling orders!!

    For more information about cutaways please click here for contact information or call CalCo at 847-639-3858 .  Visit the photo gallery in the cutaway section at for more ideas.

  • CalCo reworks displays to look as good as NEW

    Posted on May 8th, 2009 admin No comments

    If you have a display or cutaway that is beginning to show its age we are happy to rework it. After being shipped from show to show and being handled and touched by countless people every display can begin to show some wear. Whether it needs a new paint job or you want to add a cutaway section you can send it to us and feel confident that we will do our best to make it look as good as new even if we didn’t do the original work. Save some money on shipping and do it when you are at a show near Chicago!

    If we can do this…….

    Before                                                                                After


    then we can do almost anything!

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