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  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engine Cutaway of a Mainstay Available Now

    Posted on February 4th, 2015 admin 16,172 comments



    The Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine in the one of the most popular turboprop engines in history. The PT6 was first put into use in 1964 and is still in production today. This versatile and stable engine design can be found in turboprop airplanes, helicopters, amphibious planes, military aircraft, aerial application planes, Short takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft and many more.

    The versatility of this engine and the extremely high reliability has made the PT6 a mainstay in the design and manufacturing of small aircraft the world over. The concepts and characteristics of this engine make it a perfect tool for explaining the general concepts and component design of a turboprop engine. A limiting factor historically with creating display engines for use in the classroom or on the show floor is that the engines last so long that a full engine, out of service, is very difficult to find. Parts are reused on further engines, and the lifelong journey of various production parts can span decades.

    CalCo, in conjunction with Aerovision International, a leading aircraft and engine service provider, have produced a full cutaway version of the legendary PT6 engine as shown here. The fully exposed engine system shows everything from the 3-stage axial and single stage centrifugal compressors, to the turbines, gears and burners. Color coding is used to help clarify heating and cooling zones through the engine phases.



    Explaining the properties and functionality of the PT6 as well as overall turboprop design concepts is easy with this fantastic tool. Cutaways like these are as rare as the availability of an out of service PT6, and require the expertise of skilled craftspeople to bring into reality.

    For a limited time this exact engine is available for purchase, and with the high demand and low availability of a PT6 cutaway, it will surely be gone in a hurry. The cutaway includes the texture black welded steel rolling engine stand shown, as well as a steel framed shipping container with hinged steel drawbridge style ramp.

    If you or your group is interested in owning this high quality example of solid engineering and aircraft muscle, please contact CalCo at 847-639-3858 for more details.

  • Expose Your Product With A Cutaway

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    Yamaha Engine Cutaway. Photo courtesy of

    Yamaha completely exposed their technology at the Miami Boat show with a new cutaway of their F200 Outboard Engine. The cutaway allows customers to see the interior configuration of the engine and understand how it works.  The different passageways are painted in different colors to provide a clear understanding of how different fluids and air travel through the system.   The display is great for attracting attention and is a good conversation starter with customers, plus it just looks cool!

    The entire booth was awesome and the video below features some equally awesome cutaways by CalCo that make a cameo (Can you spot them?)


    Yamaha 2014 Miami Boat Show

    Video Courtesy of Yamaha on You Tube


    Call CalCo at 847-639-3858 if you are looking for an attention grabbing display for your next trade show or visit our website at to see our other services.


  • CalCo has Training Aids to Help You Teach your Employees Effectively

    Posted on September 11th, 2012 admin No comments

    How do you properly train your employees? Especially on complex or technical applications? CalCo has several ways. First we offer hands on training aids like cutaways, simulators, motorized examples, lightweight models  or large banners. It has been shown that having a physical model to touch and explore can help people understand an idea better.

    Cutaway with a Training Finish

    Training Engine with Passageway Paint and Color Coding


    We offer many levels of finishes to meet your training needs.  They are based on the complexity of the product, the training needs and your budgeting issues. The picture on the left is our basic training finish and the one on the right has color coding and passageway paint to designate the functional areas.







    Portable Training Simulator

    Cutaway Working Model


    Training Demo Board

    Lightweight Cutaway Model



















    Fire Station Training Banner of a Hydrant Cutaway


    If your training takes place in multiple locations it may make sense for you to have online training or training videos. CalCo can create both.  We can create an animation of your process or a full length video describing your product so your employees can understand it. Some animation examples are shown below, just click on the photo to view.

    Online Training Courses


    Click to view



    Click to view





    Click to view











    If we can help you with any kind of training aids please contact CalCo at 847/639-3858 or visit our website at We are also on Facebook.

  • A Transmission Training Cutaway That Is Pulling Double Duty

    Posted on June 21st, 2012 admin No comments

    Recently CalCo created this transmission training cutaway for Caterpillar.  It is designed for use in a classroom setting to educate technicians, salespeople or anyone else needed, on how the transmission operates and how it differs from its competition.  The cutaway was done across the driveline so all of the internal components are exposed.  A cutaway is a great hands-on educational tool because it gives a unique inside perspective on the product, the parts and how the systems interrelate.

    But this cutaway is not only helping to educate in the classroom it is pulling double duty because when it is not being utilized as a training tool it is put to good use as a lobby display.  If needed it could even be sent to a trade show to demonstrate the product to potential customers. With one cutaway the company has been able to reach employees, corporate visitors and potential customers. Now that is a hard working transmission!


  • A Training Engine Cutaway Tells the Whole Story

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    How exactly does an engine work? What is the difference between a gasoline and a diesel engine? What is an EGR cooler?

    When it comes to training people on the common principles and uncommon details that every single engine contains, nothing beats a full size cutaway of an engine. Whether on a moveable piston engine, a static turbine engine or any other kind of engine, training departments across the globe rely on the realistic detail of an actual engine cutaway to best relay standard and model specific information to students.

    At CalCo, you can be sure that widest viewing angles for the most cost effective prices can be achieved with the same high level of attention to detail as found in trade show floor displays. The finish level may be a bit subdued, but the longevity of the training equipment and quality of craftsmanship is just as high.

    Training engines highlight the areas you want to teach and give a working knowledge of how the engine functions. Whether an entire engine or just a few key components, CalCo puts together just the right model to help you describe the part relationships and stories behind new or complex technologies.

    Add color coded passageways to clarify the function of each section, custom cutaway areas exposing internal parts and paint to emphasize the parts of the engine you want to draw attention to.

    A professional photography shoot of the training engine can be included to add to the training materials provided to students as well. Employees, distributors or anyone in the training session can follow along with the materials, make notes and leave with a visual reminder of the session. These trainees will have an easier time remembering the parts when they are color coded, they can remember the key points of the product when they are highlighted and they will remember the training when this unique engine is used.


    A recent article in Industry Week discussed the importance of assessing your needs and using relevant materials. To access the article click here.

    Training is more dynamic when it is hands-on and with a visually stimulating and interactive product it can be even more exciting. Let CalCo help to make your training sessions memorable!

    Call CalCo at 847-639-3858, click here for contact information or visit CalCo’s Facebook page.

  • CalCo: Making Cutaways Longer Than McDonald’s Has Been Making French Fries

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    Sometimes history goes back such a long way, it is difficult to fully grasp what a phrase like “for over 50 years” really implies. In fact, CalCo is getting close to the 60 year mark, and with this landmark anniversary comes a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

    CalCo has been around as long as the Corvette and WD40. In 1953, most Americans were enjoying the first issue of TV Guide, now that television was becoming a common electric appliance in the home. Ernest Hemingway received the Pulitzer Prize for ‘Old Man and the Sea’ and Elvis Presley had just graduated from High School.

    Since that time, the cutaway has remained practically unchanged as a valuable tool for:

    • Equipment training
    • Sales presentations
    • Trade show/lobby displays
    RegO regulator cutaways, 1971

    RegO regulator cutaways, 1971

    RegO regulator cutaway 2011

    RegO regulator cutaway, 2011

    It was once said that the Polaroid camera, the fax machine and even email were each going to spell the end of the physical, real-life cutaway. Even today rapid prototyping and lightweight modeling technologies seem to threaten the need for this specialized service.

    The fact of the matter is that nothing can replace the understanding and sensory communication that a true cutaway offers. “This cutaway is an actual product; the same one you will be buying, maintaining or investing in”, they seem to say.

    “THIS is the actual casting quality. Touch these seals yourself.  These gears mesh together as smoothly as when you turn this handle”. What can possibly take the place of an experience created only by a unique and custom version of your product, made by experts that know how important this experience is to your audience?

    Only a company that has evolved alongside much of the technology that comes through the door can fully understand the subtleties and unique characteristics included in each one.

    Do you want quality? CalCo craftsmen average a staggering 11+ years of experience

    Do you want reliability? CalCo stands behind all promises of cost and timing

    Do you want dependability? Many current clients have been using CalCo for decades, some since the very beginning

    Do you want flexibility? Every day CalCo handles custom requests for everything from signage and lighting to animation and sales kits. What do you have on your plate that you’d like to see come to life?

    Let’s step back for a moment:

    How can you tell a do-it-yourself wall painter from a professional? The edges. That place where the new paint stops and the ceiling or unpainted wall begin. That place where a clean, straight and even line running the entire length of the corner is the simplest to imagine, yet most difficult to achieve.

    CalCo has been working on the ‘edges’ for almost 60 years, and the magic of a CalCo cutaway is not in how even the paint is, or how all the cuts line up perfectly, or even how simple but very effective the cut design is. . .

    The magic is in how much conversation the cutaway spurs about your product and its many benefits and advantages. The magic is in how many orders are placed within viewing distance of a cutaway. The magic is in knowing that this process works year after year after year after year. . .

    Contact CalCo at 847/639-3858, click here for contact information or find us on Facebook.

  • Manufacturing Trade Show Season is in Full Motion

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    Navistar Booth at MATS 2011

    Spring and Fall have traditionally been the busy months for manufacturing trade shows and this year is starting off well.  We attended the 40th Anniversary of the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky which was held March 31-April 2.  The auto industry problems of the last few years seemed to be a thing of the past.  With over 1000 vendors, 71,000 attendees and all the latest trends and products on display the MATS show showed great promise for the future.   There were many large displays, engine manufacturers including Navistar had large booths with all the latest technology on display.  There was a lot of conversation over the latest emissions filters for trucks.  All in all the show was a great opportunity to see new products and meet new people.


    We also visited the ConExpo/IFPE show in Las Vegas,  which is always a big show due to its occurrence only every three years.  This year there were over 2400 exhibitors and 120,000 registered attendees of which 24%  were from international destinations, including 150 different countries.  While the attendance didn’t break records it was still impressive given the tough times the construction industry has endured over the past few years.  Large crowds gathered and there were some big, impressive booths with monstrous equipment. Manufacturers went all out to ship their equipment to the show in hopes of delivering big sales.  Time will tell but those exhibitors we spoke to were happy with the results. The next Con Expo/IFPE show will be held in Las Vegas again on March 18-22, 2014.  See you there!

    IMG_0576 copyIMG_0593IMG_0579IMG_0590

    At the beginning of May we attended the OTC Show in Houston.  This years Offshore Technology Conference was the largest exhibition since 1982 in Houston, TX with over 78,000 people in attendance. The energy levels were cautiously high and new products and developments were on display from all over the world.

    CalCo sees many of their cutaways and displays end up at this show year after year, and with the high profile attendees and press coverage, it is easy to see why. With more than 2,500 companies on display, it is important to catch the eyes and attention of the right people in a way that spurs healthy conversations and ultimately attracts more business.

    From working models to engine displays to hose cutaways, CalCo’s work was all over the 2 massive halls. Whether its in the oil and gas industry, the automotive sector or even the military, the importance of high quality displays is a must. CalCo has been creating the highest end product displays for almost 60 years, and all that history works for you in showing your expertise by leveraging and outsourcing to true experts in the industry.

    When the details are important, the service is a must, and the show goes on with or without you, turn to CalCo and get it done right.

    Hopefully the high attendance at these trade shows indicates that the lagging economy is recovering nicely.  We came away with a more positive outlook on the future of the automotive and construction industries.  If you have any information about a recent trade show you have attended we would love to hear it!  To contact CalCo call 847/639-3858 or click here.

  • Final Cut: Everyone Loves a CalCo Cutaways Engine Cutaway

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    Small Engine Cutaway


    Car Engine Cutaway

    Engine Cutaway

    Truck Engine Cutaway

    **click on any image for a closer look

    Engine cutaways make great showpieces, tools and displays, and are very complicated to create with the intricacy and precision that makes them look effortless.

    From small engine cutaways to turbine jet engine cutaways, CalCo Cutaways has been leading the industry in expertly crafted displays for close to 60 years,  CalCo’s senior technicians are familiar with multiple types of engines and will put their 75+ years of combined experience to work for you!

    Some of the engine cutaways that CalCo has created include:

    • Diesel Engine Cutaways
    • Outboard Engine Cutaways
    • Automobile Engine cutaways
    • Inboard Marine Engine Cutaways
    • Helicopter Engine Cutaways
    • Motorcycle Engine Cutaways
    • Jet Engine Cutaways
    • Small Engine Cutaways

    Jet Engine Cutaway


    Diesel Training Engine Cutaway


    Tractor Engine Cutaway

    deluxe finish cutaway

    Semi Truck Diesel Engine Cutaway

    engine cw

    Forklift Engine Cutaway

    engine cutaway slice

    Gasoline Engine Cutaway Slices

    Outboard Engine

    Outboard Marine Engine Cutaway

    Details on Engine Cutaway

    Engine Cutaway Closeup

    Before and After Photos

    of Engine Cutaway Transformations



    A few of the uses for your engine cutaway include:

    • Education and Training
    • Lobby Displays
    • Trade Shows
    • Sales Purposes

    If you are looking for a proven engine cutaway specialist – Call CalCo at 847/639-3858, email or click here for contact information.

  • Meet Dan Fierla, Senior Supervisor and Cutaway and Display Expert, at CalCo

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    Ever wonder how CalCo can continually make first class cutaways and always seems to know just what you wanted? We owe much of it to our production supervisor, Dan Fierla. Dan started at CalCo as part of a high school cooperative work program and has been here ever since. In his 32 years, he has moved up the ladder from high school intern to Senior Supervisor, in charge of production and managing our facility and workers. If you have worked with CalCo you may have spoken to Dan and you most likely learned that he has high standards for the work that we do. If it doesn’t meet Dan’s expectations, it is not going out the door. Customer service and satisfaction has always been a key component at CalCo and Dan is one of the reasons why. Another of his famous attributes is his dedication to time commitments. We pay close attention to deadlines and work hard to meet every one. While we always try to work projects into our schedule, we have turned away business because we could not have maintained our high standards and met the delivery date.

    According to Dan the most important information that you can give us about your project is……

    “information that will help me to make your project have that just right look.  Details like, what are you trying to show with this cutaway/display?  Is it the size/type of the internal parts you want to showcase? Or is it something special that separates your product from the competition? This information helps me to design the cuts to show what the customer needs and wants to see.”

    His favorite project that he has completed is…..

    “I had the honor to work on and am very proud of a Double over head cam V6 marine engine for a large engine manufacturer. This project from start to finish was done right.  David Meeler from their marketing department, came to Calco, told me all of the features he would like to show, which helped me to machine the engine and give it that personal touch.  Colors and color coding were all picked out by the customer. When the engine made its maiden voyage at the Florida Boat Show it was a big hit.”

    Something you should know about him is……

    “I get great satisfaction out of working with the other members of the CalCo team.  I am driven to make CalCo the Best it can be for both employee and customer. When I see pictures of  trade show booths like Navistar, DeZURIK and Kimray, and all of them use Calco cutaways/displays to show case their products,  I have a great sense of pride in knowing I played a part in helping them project a positive image.”

    Dan’s level of experience and overall knowledge of products helps you in terms of deciding the best way to display the internal components of your product. Chances are great that Dan has the best and most cost effective way to show your products key features.  He can assist you in creating your ideal cutaway/display.  He also has innovative ideas to show off large products, create working models or design custom stands.

    If you have a project that you are interested in discussing, give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858, email us at or click here for our contact page.

  • CalCo: Your Turn-Key Solution for Product Displays

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    CalCo likes a challenge! We have been in the business of solving our customers problems for almost 60 years.

    CalCo started in 1953 as a cutaway shop taking products and cutting away a portion to show the internal parts since they can be a valuable selling tool.  We have come a long way over the years by adapting to customer needs and changes in product displays.  In that time, we have become a turn-key solution for our customers by adding new services.  Did you know there is a place you can go to get all of your product display needs performed at the same time?

    In addition to cutaways,  CalCo provides :

    • Working Models with or without a cutaway
    • Product Displays
    • Sales and Training Aids
    • Lighting
    • Custom Basemounts
    • Custom Shipping Containers
    • Acrylic covers  and Displays
    • Point-of-Puchase Displays
    • Custom Cases
    • Scale Models and Rapid Prototyping
    • Three Dimensional Printing
    • Animation
    • Sales Awards
    • Corporate Gifts
    • Plating
    • Training Programs
    • Professional Photography
    • Waterjet Cutting

    CalCo can solve your trade show or product display problems with just one phone call!  A typical project now involves creating a cutaway, attaching a brushed aluminum base or custom rolling basemount, building a custom shipping container and a shooting a professional photography session before the project is completed and shipped back to the customer ready to go directly to a trade show or presentation.

    If you need help with your trade show, sales or training needs, call CalCo at 847/639-3858 or click here for our contact page and let us make your idea a reality!