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  • Yamaha’s New Engine- Making Big Waves

    Posted on August 7th, 2018 admin No comments

    XTO Aussie 1

    This year Yamaha released a new outboard engine, the massive 5.6L V8 425 XTO. This groundbreaking engine was redesigned from the propeller up, and CalCo Cutaways was brought on board to create engine cutaways to help the Yamaha team feature some of the new design features within the context of the engine itself.

    In addition to dozens of cutaway areas featuring details such as the new quad thermostat layout or the exhaust relief design, hidden individual lights are wired in to illuminate specific areas on demand to help direct attention during the conversation.

    An engine cutaway like this typically takes about 3 months to create from the initial design to the finished product. Many features of cutaways can be added or removed to create the perfect balance for your product’s individual story.

    Inside and out, the 425 XTO engine cutaway is one of the finest examples of its kind in the world, thanks to a meticulously designed engine combined with an expertly crafted cross section.

    Please call 847-639-3858 to ask how you can find out more about having your own show-stopping display built in time for your next big event.

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  • Professional Product Photography makes Perfect Sense

    Posted on April 10th, 2009 admin No comments


    Once your projects are completed at CalCo, they are at their very best, which is a great time to capture your product images for marketing products.

    Therefore it makes sense to have your shoot completed right at CalCo by a professional product photographer and expert studio equipment. The savings will surprise you given the level expertise that is delivered.

    Drop these images right into presentations, brochures or catalog production before the product is even back in your hands. Choose from standard lighting and backdrop, (shown here), to many optional settings, including on-location if needed.

    Many angles and lighting options are delivered on the final CD copy, along with file handling and printed proof sheets for quick reference.

    This is such a great service that many even send in items that don’t need any display work, just for the high level of service and value CalCo offers.

    Click here to contact CalCo or call 847-639-3858 to discuss your needs.