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  • How are design cutaways made?

    Posted on July 6th, 2015 admin No comments

    Design cutaways highlight the advantages of a product including what it will look like, the quality of the materials inside and how the actual parts of the product function. As a result, training or trade show cutaways can take a long time to make. Between planning the design, building the cutaway and packaging/shipping the model off to a trade show or training, it can take several weeks or more to complete the process from start to finish.

    Design cutaways are made by first disassembling the product’s interior parts and cleaning them. Once the parts have been cleaned and reassembled, the cutting begins. It’s important to slice the cutaway with a technique that maximizes the visibility of the interior parts and its functions, but without altering or damaging them. Saws, grinders and other cutting tools may be used to slice the cutaway.

    Once the cutting is completed, the design cutaway will be painted with an eye-catching color scheme to highlight the various parts of the product. There are usually different types of paint finishes to choose from. At CalCo, for example, the deluxe finish is one paint type that takes hours of detailed hand work, grinding and hand sanding a display’s surface smooth before a high-end glossy paint is used.

    Once painting is completed, packaging and transporting the design cutaway are the final steps. Depending on the size of the cutaway and where it’s going, customized carrying cases for smaller cutaways or customized shipping containers for bigger ones will help transport design cutaways from one place to another in a damage-free, protected setting.

    Design cutaways take a lot of time and care to be built properly. But with the right plan and processes, a high quality cutaway can be made and displayed at your tradeshow or training by the time you need it. At CalCo, we offer a number of services—from the beginning steps of designing and building to the final stages of packaging and transferring—to give you the perfect design cutaway based on your needs. For more information about our design cutaways, call us at 847.639.3858, email us at or fill out our form here.