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  • CalCo Can Make a Case to Protect Your Equipment

    Posted on June 4th, 2013 admin No comments


    Whether you need a case for a trade show, sales calls, training, display or to transport your equipment, CalCo has the case for you. We offer cases from major case makers like Pelican and SKB but we add high density, custom fit foam to better protect your products. We also make custom cases for those hard to fit products or special needs.

    Case Uses

    • Trade Show Transport
    • Sales Calls/Training Sessions
    • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Sports Equipment
    • Musical Equipment/Instruments
    • Military

    If you need a case, for any reason, give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858.




  • On-Site Training Simulators, To Go

    Posted on December 13th, 2011 admin No comments

    case final copy

    Real world training is so important to a product’s performance, longevity and operation. Without the proper tools to make something work correctly, time and money that could have been saved may fly out the window.

    Training tools range from in-person classrooms to at-home virtual instruction and everything in between. Many times a simulation needs to be set up, whether with actual equipment or using virtual simulations, and every instance is unique.

    In the above shown example, Honeywell came to CalCo with a need for an on-location demonstrator, inside a semi-portable carrying case for easy use during training, and easy storage all other times. By the end, the case was a working representation of a product group that works together in a building. A trainee could walk through the various instances and operations of each mode and test for proficiency.

    The case was designed for strength and longevity with 2 wheels on one end and telescoping handle on the other. The removable face plate is texture painted aluminum diamond plate, and fabricated to fit all pieces securely.

    When looking into a training simulator for your team, you will need to consider the audience, the location and the information that needs hands-on simulation. This is something your team will make great use of in the education of your employees, distributors, customers, service technicians and sales people. The more people that are familiar with the operation and maintenance of your equipment, the better experience will be had by all.

    Click here for email information and be sure to reference this article and the scope of your project.  Or call 847/639-3858.  Find us on Facebook too.

  • A Valve Cutaway which is also a Regulator of its Audience’s Attention

    Posted on November 1st, 2011 admin No comments


    Your product represents your company.  Whenever you display your product, whether at a sales call, at a trade show or to investors it is conveying information about your company.  The quality and ingenuity in your product makes a difference in today’s competitive marketplace and can determine whether your company thrives or just survives. Make sure your product is identifying your company in a positive way and that is emphasizing the quality and attention to detail that embodies your company as a whole.

    The company that manufactures the valve above is an example of one that takes its dedication to quality to heart.  They have cutaway their entire line of products so that their attention to detail and their competitive advantages are on full display.  CalCo has done all of these cutaways for them because we are as committed to the details as they are.   We cutaway the valve above to show the interior functioning which can better sell the product.  It is painted to highlight the areas of focus and to draw the client in and it is plated so that it catches attention. It is mounted on an attractive aluminum base for stability and easier lifting. With a custom case it is protected from damage no matter where it needs to travel and it looks great when it gets there because we use a high density foam, cut to the exact dimensions of the product.  We can add logos and signage to your case to further enhance your presentation.  Let CalCo help you get your corporate message across to your clients without saying a word.

    When you demonstrate your product to customers, distributors or investors you need to put your best effort forward and CalCo can help you do that.  Our focus is on making your product the star attraction. CalCo has years of experience with all types of products so if you want to make your product stand out give CalCo a call at 847-639-3858 or click here for contact information.  You can follow us on Facebook too.

  • CalCo’s New Brochure is Now Available

    Posted on December 31st, 2009 admin No comments

    Fresh for 2010 Calco has developed a new brochure showing all of the services offered and some examples of the quality craftmanship that is synonymous with the CalCo name.  CalCo has been offering quality tradeshow displays and cutaways for over 50 years, especially to industrial product manufacturers.   Now see some of the other services available such as 3-D models or prototypes, working models, special lighting, custom bases, corporate gifts, POP displays and other tradeshow or marketing products.  You can count on CalCo as a turn-key solution for your sales and marketing needs.

    The front and back cover of the new brochure are shown below, and the full PDF can be downloaded here. (right click and choose “Save As”)


    To get a look inside our new brochure please send your information (name, company and address) to  You will receive one in the mail right away so CalCo can help you start the year right with some new ideas to show your product in its best light because “Your Product is Our Profession”

    For more ideas visit our website at ,  click here for contact information or call 847/639-3858.

  • The Buck Stops Here

    Posted on November 20th, 2009 admin No comments

    Publication1Your company uses a variety of vendors for certain products or services every day, making make life easier for everyone. So do we.

    Your company probably uses a few providers that actually make life more difficult for you or your coworkers. Same here.

    On Monday one of our primary vendors emailed to let us know that our project with them was complete. . .Great.

    This was typical and expected. . .

    However, the details on getting the order back to us were left out, forcing us to stop what we were doing, contact them about it and make these arrangements ourselves. Done.

    Once the items were received, we found quality issues on practically every piece that was delivered. Where was the quality control??

    We would have sent the entire order back to be redone from scratch, except that we needed these pieces for a larger project that our client was expecting on time. We had to stop what we were doing (again) and fix every mistake and flaw to bring this project back up to our high standard of quality, (which our client expects).

    Everything worked out in the end, our client was thrilled with the final result and his coworkers were equally impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, (and the shipping was arranged without our client’s involvement whatsoever).

    So the extra effort on our end resulted in a great experience for our client. We love that.

    The vendor’s actions, on the other hand, had to be managed, monitored and corrected.   Is this the case with some of your providers?

    Communication and responsibility are the landmarks of a company you can trust for the long term. The reason companies like CalCo have been around for over half a century, is because they are trusted, respected and are the go-to guys when quality and professionalism are important.

    Did you know that CalCo can handle your POP displays, your screen printing, your photography, your display storage, your prototyping, your sales cases, your website design, your 3D animation, your metal finishing, your large format printing, your digital image manipulation, and many of the other items you struggle with every day?  It’s true.

    Please call 847-639-3858 or email to see if your project can be handled correctly this time by CalCo, let us handle the problems so you can just sleep easy for once.

  • CalCo Makes A Great Case

    Posted on July 9th, 2009 admin No comments

    Trerice copybearings case copy

    The age old dilemma, how do you transport your product to sales calls, tradeshows, investor relations meetings, distributors or anywhere else with out damaging it and so that it keeps that ‘brand new’ look? The answer is a custom case from CalCo.

    We have a case to meet virtually every need. Sometimes this is as simple as a soft sided carrying case, while sometimes a rugged behind the scenes shipping crate needs to be fabricated.  Often the container needs to be worthy of carrying into someone’s office and possibly even set upon their desk.  At CalCo, this need is met week after week with a variety of solutions.  Whether you need to ship it through the mail or the case will be riding around in the trunk of your car, CalCo has the right option for you.  These custom cases are custom selected and designed to fit your product specifically and have a history of peak performance.  From slim and elegant to heavy duty work horses, a case from CalCo will impress as well as protect. More photos after the break..

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  • CalCo Cutaways, Generations of Dependable Innovation

    Posted on April 17th, 2009 admin No comments


    Around the time New York City was introducing their brand new, 3-color traffic lights, James Calhoun was founding a new business named CalCo, which would produce cutaways for product manufacturers in order to help them show off the many advantages to using their products.

    Little did he know that his small business would grow into the most accomplished and experienced cutaway company in America, possibly even the world.

    Even Jim himself couldn’t have foreseen the wide variety of offerings his company would eventually have to present to its customers, such as laser cut lighted display pedestals, 3D animation, custom training equipment, POP displays and much, much more.

    In fact, CalCo’s unrelenting attention to detail and quality as well as their ability to create customized solutions on the spot is about all that hasn’t changed since 1953.

    CalCo’s excellent reputation and insight into the needs of their clients will go a long way towards making the next half century of business just as revolutionary as the first.

    To contact CalCo click here or call 847/639-3858.  Your Product is Our Profession.

  • CalCo NEWS is Upgrading

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 admin No comments


    For over 50 years CalCo has been innovating a unique craft and letting you know about it every step of the way. A bi-annual newsletter, arriving on your desk to remind you of upcoming projects or giving you ideas for an upcoming event has been working like a charm.

    Today the vast line of CalCo products and services in growing and expanding a quicker pace, and your world is moving faster as well. Bringing the CalCo NEWS to an online format will help us keep you in touch and stay on top of what the industry is up to.

    You can RSS feed the page to get regular updates at your own pace, and if you have any suggestions for this site and things you would like to see, feel free to drop a quick note using the email link at the top of the page.

    CalCo is the same as always, and cares as much about the outcome of your project as you do. Hopefully the new format of CalCo NEWS will become as welcome as our printed version was. Thank you!

    Contact CalCo at 847-639-3858 or click here for contact information.

  • CalCo makes a Great Case for Protecting Your Goods

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    For every cutaway or display, there needs to be a successful way to get the unit to its intended audience. Sometimes this is as simple as a well-packed cardboard box, while sometimes a rugged behind-the-scenes shipping crate needs to be fabricated. Often, the container needs to be worthy of carrying into someone’s office and possibly even being set upon their desk. At CalCo, this need is met week after week with a variety of solutions. Whether you need to ship it through the mail or the case will be riding around in the trunk of your car, CalCo has the right option for you. These custom fit cases are custom selected and designed to fit your product specifically and have a history of peak performance. From the slim and elegant to heavy-duty workhorses, a case from CalCo will impress as well as protect.