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  • What Can CalCo Do For You Today?

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    At CalCo our main focus is customer service and satisfaction. Every job we do is a custom job so we want to give you the best products and make the process easy and understandable. To facilitate that we created this NEWS site and established a Facebook page designed to make it easier to see what we do and give you a place to ask questions or get answers.  Our website is updated to make it more informative and user friendly.  And, as always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, JUST ASK!

    We send a quarterly NEWSletter email which includes the articles posted here and additional information.  If you would like to be added to our list just let us know at or if you have any suggestions or comments, please send those along as well.

    “Your Product is Our Profession” and we want you to look good!  To contact CalCo by phone call us at 847/639-3858.

  • Manufacturing Trade Show Season is in Full Motion

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    Navistar Booth at MATS 2011

    Spring and Fall have traditionally been the busy months for manufacturing trade shows and this year is starting off well.  We attended the 40th Anniversary of the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky which was held March 31-April 2.  The auto industry problems of the last few years seemed to be a thing of the past.  With over 1000 vendors, 71,000 attendees and all the latest trends and products on display the MATS show showed great promise for the future.   There were many large displays, engine manufacturers including Navistar had large booths with all the latest technology on display.  There was a lot of conversation over the latest emissions filters for trucks.  All in all the show was a great opportunity to see new products and meet new people.


    We also visited the ConExpo/IFPE show in Las Vegas,  which is always a big show due to its occurrence only every three years.  This year there were over 2400 exhibitors and 120,000 registered attendees of which 24%  were from international destinations, including 150 different countries.  While the attendance didn’t break records it was still impressive given the tough times the construction industry has endured over the past few years.  Large crowds gathered and there were some big, impressive booths with monstrous equipment. Manufacturers went all out to ship their equipment to the show in hopes of delivering big sales.  Time will tell but those exhibitors we spoke to were happy with the results. The next Con Expo/IFPE show will be held in Las Vegas again on March 18-22, 2014.  See you there!

    IMG_0576 copyIMG_0593IMG_0579IMG_0590

    At the beginning of May we attended the OTC Show in Houston.  This years Offshore Technology Conference was the largest exhibition since 1982 in Houston, TX with over 78,000 people in attendance. The energy levels were cautiously high and new products and developments were on display from all over the world.

    CalCo sees many of their cutaways and displays end up at this show year after year, and with the high profile attendees and press coverage, it is easy to see why. With more than 2,500 companies on display, it is important to catch the eyes and attention of the right people in a way that spurs healthy conversations and ultimately attracts more business.

    From working models to engine displays to hose cutaways, CalCo’s work was all over the 2 massive halls. Whether its in the oil and gas industry, the automotive sector or even the military, the importance of high quality displays is a must. CalCo has been creating the highest end product displays for almost 60 years, and all that history works for you in showing your expertise by leveraging and outsourcing to true experts in the industry.

    When the details are important, the service is a must, and the show goes on with or without you, turn to CalCo and get it done right.

    Hopefully the high attendance at these trade shows indicates that the lagging economy is recovering nicely.  We came away with a more positive outlook on the future of the automotive and construction industries.  If you have any information about a recent trade show you have attended we would love to hear it!  To contact CalCo call 847/639-3858 or click here.

  • CalCo’s New Brochure is Now Available

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    Fresh for 2010 Calco has developed a new brochure showing all of the services offered and some examples of the quality craftmanship that is synonymous with the CalCo name.  CalCo has been offering quality tradeshow displays and cutaways for over 50 years, especially to industrial product manufacturers.   Now see some of the other services available such as 3-D models or prototypes, working models, special lighting, custom bases, corporate gifts, POP displays and other tradeshow or marketing products.  You can count on CalCo as a turn-key solution for your sales and marketing needs.

    The front and back cover of the new brochure are shown below, and the full PDF can be downloaded here. (right click and choose “Save As”)


    To get a look inside our new brochure please send your information (name, company and address) to  You will receive one in the mail right away so CalCo can help you start the year right with some new ideas to show your product in its best light because “Your Product is Our Profession”

    For more ideas visit our website at ,  click here for contact information or call 847/639-3858.

  • The Buck Stops Here

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    Publication1Your company uses a variety of vendors for certain products or services every day, making make life easier for everyone. So do we.

    Your company probably uses a few providers that actually make life more difficult for you or your coworkers. Same here.

    On Monday one of our primary vendors emailed to let us know that our project with them was complete. . .Great.

    This was typical and expected. . .

    However, the details on getting the order back to us were left out, forcing us to stop what we were doing, contact them about it and make these arrangements ourselves. Done.

    Once the items were received, we found quality issues on practically every piece that was delivered. Where was the quality control??

    We would have sent the entire order back to be redone from scratch, except that we needed these pieces for a larger project that our client was expecting on time. We had to stop what we were doing (again) and fix every mistake and flaw to bring this project back up to our high standard of quality, (which our client expects).

    Everything worked out in the end, our client was thrilled with the final result and his coworkers were equally impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, (and the shipping was arranged without our client’s involvement whatsoever).

    So the extra effort on our end resulted in a great experience for our client. We love that.

    The vendor’s actions, on the other hand, had to be managed, monitored and corrected.   Is this the case with some of your providers?

    Communication and responsibility are the landmarks of a company you can trust for the long term. The reason companies like CalCo have been around for over half a century, is because they are trusted, respected and are the go-to guys when quality and professionalism are important.

    Did you know that CalCo can handle your POP displays, your screen printing, your photography, your display storage, your prototyping, your sales cases, your website design, your 3D animation, your metal finishing, your large format printing, your digital image manipulation, and many of the other items you struggle with every day?  It’s true.

    Please call 847-639-3858 or email to see if your project can be handled correctly this time by CalCo, let us handle the problems so you can just sleep easy for once.

  • FEEDing Your Inbox

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    How to “subscribe” to CalCo NEWS

    Technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up! We have had questions about how to “subscribe” to our new site so here goes….

    For those less interested in RSS feeds:

    The easiest way to keep track of the site is to go to it and bookmark it in your favorites and just check back periodically. The drawback is that you won’t be notified when new content is posted but the information will remain on the site to be viewed at your convenience.

    For those interested in getting new content notifications:

    RSS Feeds are the way to go. You can get all of the latest information sent to you as it happens through the use of RSS Feeds. For many of us this is a new concept and it can be confusing as to how to begin. A great link is . This site explains what RSS feeds are and gives some types of RSS Feed readers. The readers are great for alerting you when new content is posted on the sites you have requested but many of you have the ability to track sites without a reader. For example, through Internet Explorer you can track RSS feeds in the Star Favorites button located on the top left corner of the toolbar. Some e-mail programs like Outlook will track your RSS feeds as well. In the 2007 Outlook if you right click on the RSS feed folder and type in the new postings will appear in your unread mail folder.

    To add an RSS feed go to the website and hit the orange square RSS Icon in the upper left corner. The feed will be stored on your computer. If your system requires that you type the feed in then you will need to type:

    If you want more information on how to receive all the latest NEWS from CalCo just send us an e-mail using the icon above, click here or give us a call at 847/639-3858.

  • CalCo NEWS is Upgrading

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    For over 50 years CalCo has been innovating a unique craft and letting you know about it every step of the way. A bi-annual newsletter, arriving on your desk to remind you of upcoming projects or giving you ideas for an upcoming event has been working like a charm.

    Today the vast line of CalCo products and services in growing and expanding a quicker pace, and your world is moving faster as well. Bringing the CalCo NEWS to an online format will help us keep you in touch and stay on top of what the industry is up to.

    You can RSS feed the page to get regular updates at your own pace, and if you have any suggestions for this site and things you would like to see, feel free to drop a quick note using the email link at the top of the page.

    CalCo is the same as always, and cares as much about the outcome of your project as you do. Hopefully the new format of CalCo NEWS will become as welcome as our printed version was. Thank you!

    Contact CalCo at 847-639-3858 or click here for contact information.