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  • Lighten Up Your Product Display with Acrylic

    Posted on April 24th, 2012 admin No comments

    Tired of dragging an unnecessarily heavy display around? Looking to lighten up?

    Acrylic may be your answer. A new trend at manufacturing trade shows is to combine real pieces or parts with lightweight ones to create a display that shows your product but can be moved more easily and is more focused on the area you want to accentuate. In the picture at left above, this part is usually attached to an engine but bringing an engine would be cost prohibitive and distracting. Customers may be more focused on the engine instead of the part you want to exhibit.  Since the engine is visually represented by the acrylic image in the display, the focus becomes the part itself. The display is easier to move and accurately conveys the message and product your show is directed toward.

    The hydrant display is another example of an acrylic display standing in for a heavy and unneeded part of the display. This display would have been unwieldy and potentially dangerous on the base if the real hydrant was attached. With the acrylic hydrant substitute, the focus becomes the shoe at the base instead. The display is lighter and less costly to ship, and safer to exhibit. The part that is the focus and is supposed to be highlighted in the show gets its due without distraction.

    Other kinds of products can be used instead of acrylic. Recently we made half a product using a cast part that looks identical to the real part but is 86% lighter. We are currently working on a project in which 50% of the product is not yet in production so using CAD files we have created them from lightweight plastic and incorporated them into the display with the “real” parts. It is hard to tell the plastic parts from the metal parts just by looking but the display is much lighter and it was able to be displayed before the actual parts were even available.

    If you need to lighten your load, get a product before your customers before it has completed production or just want to make your display look unique, give CalCo a call. We want to make your product display the focal point of your next show because “Your Product is our Profession.”

    Call CalCo at 847/639-3858 or visit or newly redesigned website at for more information.

  • A True Custom Engine Display Story

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin No comments
    before after engine photo

    Before and After

    With over 130 years of German engineering and expertise, Deutz Corporation consistently presents themselves as leaders in the industry through memorable and well executed branding and marketing efforts.

    When Deutz had an opportunity to rework one of their temporary training engine displays into a full fledged tradeshow exhibit, they turned to CalCo and their equally stringent quality commitment and standard.

    CalCo was able to match a standard paint scheme set in Germany just by inspecting an existing display and using their vast knowledge base and ability to think on their feet to recreate their winning design. This included a textured paint finish with a satin sheen in both Deutz red and silver, as well as a gold finish plating process that was indentified and duplicated as well or better than the example display.

    CalCo’s ability to match existing display schematics or branding specifications allows for the seamless introduction of an alternative to creating displays in house to free up valuable expertise that can concentrate on other hot areas instead.

    Deutz also had a brilliant idea on how to accentuate some of their exhaust after-treatment components that install onto a factory engine. The idea . . . to make the engine all but ‘disappear’ to instead feature the additional components while still showing how these innovative parts connect to an engine.

    The engine block was recreated using clear acrylic panels mounted to the stand in parallel formation, and the after treatment parts were displayed as if they were bolted right to the phantom engine.

    Acrylic Display

    Acrylic Engine Display

    The look was impressive and amazing, and according to Nolan Madden of Deutz Corporation,“Our new EAT display was the star [of the show] , garnering nothing but accolades from customers and colleagues alike.”

    When your presentation on the sales floor or in the field needs to be expertly deliberate and reflective of your commitment to excellence, trust the 50+ years of industry experience of having already solved the potential problems everyone else will be having.

    Give CalCo a call at 847-639-3858 or contact CalCo to discuss your great ideas and turn them into a dazzling reality!