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  • Fire Hydrant & Pump Cutaway for Ohio Training School

    Posted on February 10th, 2017 admin No comments

    CalCo Cutaways completed a project for a fire training school in Ohio. We created a fire hydrant cutaway and a motorized pump cutaway, and put each one on its own rolling stand so it’s easy to move and transport when used for training.

    The pump was rescued from an old fire truck. Full color coding was painted on the pump cutaway to show the water flow path. The pump panel was included to allow for the actuation of the valves. The pump cutaway is also motorized to show what a driver that’s connected to the pump looks like when it’s activated.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 3

    Firefighters use fire hydrant and pump cutaways to educate and empower their teams. These tangible training models provide firsthand instruction to firefighters so they learn and have a better understanding on the internal structures of hydrants and pumps—two of the most important tools firefighters use on the job. These cutaways provide hands-on experience and help firefighters visualize how a hydrant and pump’s internal components look and fit together. By knowing how each one works, firefighters can boost their confidence and strengthen their efficiency in the field.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio 2  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 4

    Check out our fire training cutaway video above or here that was designed for fire department training!

  • Fire Department Training Cutaways and Banners

    Posted on June 29th, 2015 admin No comments

    Training Officers and Fire Chiefs, do you have room in your teaching budget? Consider the benefits of upgrading your training techniques with fire hydrant & pump cutaways or banners:

    • Improve your ISO score during inspections.
    • Increase fire proficiency by having a cutaway in the classroom.
    • Develop a better understanding of hydrants and pumps through tactile learning.


    fire hydrant cutaway

    Fire Hydrant Cutaway
    Call 847.639.3858 for pricing and ordering information.



    Fire Pump Cutaway
    Call 847.639.3858 for pricing and ordering information.




    Fire Hydrant and Pump Banners
    Call 847.639.3858 for pricing and ordering information.


    Why Cutaways?
    • Field efficiency increases through tangible teaching methods.
    • It’s a win-win situation for both fire fighters and the public.
    • FREE grant writing help is available when you inquire about cutaways!

    Why Banners?
    • Signs are economical teaching tools.
    • It’s the next best thing to a real hydrant or pump.
    • Immediate delivery is available upon request.

    Keep your communities and firefighters safe through fire hydrant & pump training cutaways and banners. For more information about pricing and orders, call us at 847.639.3858, email us at or fill out our form here.

  • New Fire Pump Cutaway Banner Available from CalCo

    Posted on February 7th, 2013 admin No comments

    It is here!!

    Fire Departments have had great success using our Hydrant Cutaway Banner for training and to meet ISO standards.  We have had many requests for a Fire Pump Cutaway Banner and we are pleased to be able to offer this new banner to help meet those training needs.

    The Fire Pump Cutaway Training Banner is 6 ft tall by 2 ft wide and is in full color.  It comes with a portable stand but it can also be mounted on a wall.  The banner is vinyl so it will last for years.

    The cutaway banner will give your trainees a clear idea of how the fire pump operates.  There are multiple cutaway sections and enlargements so your instructor can show the details of the pump.  This banner may be able to fulfill the ISO requirement for a fire pump cutaway.  While the final decision ultimately lies in your inspector’s hands, many times this type of solution is valid, and at a fraction of the cost, only $195.00 with a portable banner stand included!

    Be sure to check with your inspector or local ISO/State (or whichever organization is running the inspections) to see if this solution will qualify for your location, and then call 847-639-3858 to order. Our hydrant banner, seen below,  is available too.




  • CalCo has Training Aids to Help You Teach your Employees Effectively

    Posted on September 11th, 2012 admin No comments

    How do you properly train your employees? Especially on complex or technical applications? CalCo has several ways. First we offer hands on training aids like cutaways, simulators, motorized examples, lightweight models  or large banners. It has been shown that having a physical model to touch and explore can help people understand an idea better.

    Cutaway with a Training Finish

    Training Engine with Passageway Paint and Color Coding


    We offer many levels of finishes to meet your training needs.  They are based on the complexity of the product, the training needs and your budgeting issues. The picture on the left is our basic training finish and the one on the right has color coding and passageway paint to designate the functional areas.







    Portable Training Simulator

    Cutaway Working Model


    Training Demo Board

    Lightweight Cutaway Model



















    Fire Station Training Banner of a Hydrant Cutaway


    If your training takes place in multiple locations it may make sense for you to have online training or training videos. CalCo can create both.  We can create an animation of your process or a full length video describing your product so your employees can understand it. Some animation examples are shown below, just click on the photo to view.

    Online Training Courses


    Click to view



    Click to view





    Click to view











    If we can help you with any kind of training aids please contact CalCo at 847/639-3858 or visit our website at We are also on Facebook.

  • Get Your Message Across in a Big Way with a Large Banner

    Posted on November 15th, 2011 admin No comments
    hydrant poster 2 copy

    Poster with Stand


    Wall Mounted Poster

    Sometimes the only way to get your point across is to GO BIG. Our training banner for fire departments is a good example of that. It is 6 feet high and 2.5 ft wide and includes a stand for portability. This banner shows a cutaway fire hydrant and is used to educate firemen on the inner workings of the hydrant. While this banner is used specifically for fire stations,  CalCo can create a banner for any product or situation. They are useful for training, sales presentations, investor meetings or trade shows.

    Let CalCo help you get your message across with a large banner.  Show a cutaway of your product or blow up your small product so it is more noticeable.  Call 847/639-3858 or click here for contact information to get help with any kind of signage or display.  Visit CalCo on Facebook too.

  • Fire Hydrant Cutaway Poster, Great ISO Training Solution

    Posted on March 29th, 2010 admin No comments

    hydrant cutaway poster image sm

    Have you been looking for a Fire Hydrant Cutaway to fill a requirement for an upcoming inspection? Are you finding the $2,000 to $4,500 price tag for a full size hydrant cutaway to be a bit cost prohibitive? CalCo has just the solution for you:

    A 6-foot-tall, full-color Fire Hydrant Cutaway Banner may be able to fill in for the real thing.  While the final decision ultimately lies in your inspector’s hands, many times this type of solution is valid, and at a fraction of the cost, only $195.00 with a portable banner stand included!

    It has been found that a thorough understanding of the parts and relationships involved in your standard street corner hydrant can be critical when in an emergency situation. This knowledge is most effectively taught through the use of a full size, hands on hydrant, which operates the same way an installed hydrant does.  However, when this type of tool is unavailable, the Fire Hydrant Cutaway Banner is the next best thing.

    All of the important internal features are prominently displayed in ‘close to full scale’ size, making understanding and visualizing the real thing easier than using a poster size photograph or drawing.

    Be sure to check with your inspector or local ISO/State (or whichever organization is running the inspections) to see if this solution will qualify for your location, and then call 847-639-3858 and have your credit card handy to get as many on order as you need for your area.

    In the cross section between safety education and budget requirements, the Fire Hydrant Cutaway Banner is the overflowing winner!

    Click here for further contact information.