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  • CalCo at Acodal 2017 Show in Cartagena, Colombia.

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    Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.00.21 PM

    (Mueller and Singer Valve Colleagues at ACODAL 2017)

    The Colombian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering – ACODAL is a not-for-profit trade association.  It brings together most of the members of the water, sanitation and environmental sector. The ACODAL 2017 event had more than 2000 attendees present.

    Several institutions, researchers and industry professionals discussed aspects of sustainability in the fields of water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy. Mueller and Singer Valve were two companies that were attendance at ACODAL 2017 that are CalCo clients. Mueller is known for their innovative Water Distribution Products of superior quality. The company creates products such as fire hydrants, gate valves, and other water distribution products.

    Mueller plans to acquire Singer, a manufacturer of automatic control valves. This acquisition further positions Mueller Water Products to provide product offerings for pressure monitoring, pressure management and non-revenue water remediation with a combination of automatic control valves, pipe condition assessment and leak detection. All the attendees of ACODAL 2017 had a great networking opportunity and gained useful information about the future of the industry.

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  • Fire Hydrant & Pump Cutaway for Ohio Training School

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    CalCo Cutaways completed a project for a fire training school in Ohio. We created a fire hydrant cutaway and a motorized pump cutaway, and put each one on its own rolling stand so it’s easy to move and transport when used for training.

    The pump was rescued from an old fire truck. Full color coding was painted on the pump cutaway to show the water flow path. The pump panel was included to allow for the actuation of the valves. The pump cutaway is also motorized to show what a driver that’s connected to the pump looks like when it’s activated.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 3

    Firefighters use fire hydrant and pump cutaways to educate and empower their teams. These tangible training models provide firsthand instruction to firefighters so they learn and have a better understanding on the internal structures of hydrants and pumps—two of the most important tools firefighters use on the job. These cutaways provide hands-on experience and help firefighters visualize how a hydrant and pump’s internal components look and fit together. By knowing how each one works, firefighters can boost their confidence and strengthen their efficiency in the field.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio 2  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 4

    Check out our fire training cutaway video above or here that was designed for fire department training!

  • CalCo at MINExpo International in Las Vegas

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    MINExpo International was held from September 26-28th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show brought in over 1,800 companies and international audiences representing all major mining regions of the world to its 800,000 square foot space with 12 indoor and outdoor halls. It is the largest mining show on earth.


    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together professionals and experts worldwide in the mining industry.

    MINExpo delivered mining solutions and all types of equipment—excavating, materials handling and haulage, processing and preparation, drilling, electrical safety—as well as communications and computer technologies, replacement parts, and engineering, construction or reclamation services.

    MINExpo also discussed ways to increase productivity, control costs, keep operations competitive, improve safety and manage risk with new equipment, services, products and technology. Some of the show’s media partners included Aggregates & Mining Today, Canadian Mining & Energy, Coal International Russia, Latinomineria, and more.

    minexpo-4 minexpo-3 minexpo-1

    No matter what area of business you’re in, CalCo’s goal is to create unique models and products that grab the attention of your customers. We provide customized and eye-catching solutions to fit your individual needs so your product stands out at every exposition, conference and trade show you attend.

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  • CalCo at World of Concrete in Las Vegas

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    Introduced to the commercial construction industry in 1975, World of Concrete brought together original equipment manufacturers from around the world and exclusive U.S. distributors of equipment, tools, products and services for the commercial construction, concrete and masonry industries. WOC attracted approximately 1,450 exhibitors and occupied more than 675,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space! Some of the show’s cosponsors included Associated Construction Distributors International, American Concrete Institute, American Concrete Pavement Association, American Concrete Pumping Association and more.

    Photo by Charles Roth

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together contractors, pumpers, managers, distributors, architects, engineers and more professionals in the concrete industry.

    No matter what area of business you’re in, CalCo takes pride in making your product display at a trade show as striking as possible to attract the right customers to your booth. Is your display ready for the next trade show? Contact us for help with your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858.

  • A Scale Model for CEI Enterprises

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    Photo by Charles Roth

    CEI Enterprises, an Astec Industries company, recently contracted CalCo to produce a 1:20 scale model of a mobile batch cement mixing plant, which measures 16’ x 8’. The concept is centered on highlighting their cement-mixing facility, which can be on a client’s site, and can start cement-mixing operations as quickly or temporarily as needed. The model itself took over two months to build (which is actually fast for this level of detail), and it separates into six individual sub-sections for shipping. The large container and rigid construction help protect the fragile display during the often unpredictable freight shipping process. Models can be created from 3D CAD files or from simple line drawings. CalCo’s hand-built models help show off large and complex solutions in a portable and immersive way. CalCo has been creating head-turning tradeshow and showroom models for over 60 years, so why not trust your next project with proven professionals?

    About the World of Concrete Show

    World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. The event showcases leading industry suppliers featuring innovative products, construction machinery, construction equipment, safety training courses, new technologies and unlimited networking opportunities to give you new ways to sustain and grow your business.

    More information on the 2017 show in Las Vegas from February 16-20 can be found here.

    Photo by Charles Roth

    About CEI Enterprises

    CEI Enterprises, Inc. was established as a manufacturer of asphalt heating and storage equipment in 1969. The CEI reputation for product efficiency, durability and strong service support has enabled equipment sales to expand worldwide.

    Knowledgeable and enthusiastic CEI Regional Sales Managers canvas their territories. Their mission is to find out the equipment needs of their customers and to help meet those needs in the most cost-effective way. Inside sales personnel have the same mission.

    Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, CEI became an Astec Industries company in 1995. It is a sister company to Heatec, Inc., which is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For more information, contact the sales department directly by telephone at 505.842.5556 or by fax at 505.243.1422.

    About CalCo Cutaways

    For over 60 years CalCo has helped hundreds of leading manufacturers present their products in the most professional manner available. In the 1950’s CalCo began creating cutaways, the craft of exposing internal components of durable goods and products such as engines, pumps and motors. Since then we have expanded the art of helping products communicate their messages in many eye-catching ways, such as 3D animation, lightweight modeling, lighted working models and training simulators.

    Our goal is to make the job of displaying your product as easy as possible, whether it is at a trade show, at a sales call or in a training center. We want to provide a customized solution for your product to show it in its best light. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

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  • CalCo at AHR Expo in Orlando

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    The AHR Expo is a trade show with air-conditioning, heating and refrigerating products and services. The expo was held in Orlando and had 60,000 attendees! The show keeps current on today’s AC, heating and refrigeration systems, equipment and components, building automation and more for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional markets. Some of the show’s sponsors included HRAIASHRAE, and AHRI.

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together contractors, engineers, manufacturers, technicians and more professionals in the HVACR industry.


    Photo by Charles Roth

    CalCo creates customized solutions and unique models to grab the attention of your audience. Our goal is to display your product in its best light and make your product’s transporting process from one location to another as easy as possible.

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  • CalCo at Groundwater Expo in Las Vegas

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    The NGWA Groundwater Expo is the largest groundwater industry event of the year. The expo was held in Las Vegas and had more than 5,000 attendees. The show keeps current on today’s groundwater issues, while exploring future possibilities in the industry for success with old friends and new partners. Some of the show’s sponsors included AppliTek, AY McDonald, Baker Water Systems, Baroid, CRI Pumps and more.

    groundwater    groundwater2

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in the one event that brings together professionals from all sectors of the groundwater industry. And being a member of the National Ground Water Association made the event even more special for us!

    No matter what industry you’re in, CalCo takes pride in making your product display at a trade show as striking as possible to attract the right customers to your booth. Is your next trade show around the corner? Contact us for help with your trade show cutaway needs by calling us at 847.639.3858.


  • CalCo is a Member of the Groundwater Association!

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    Founded in 1948, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is a public foundation that is focused on conducting educational, research and other charitable activities related to a broader public understanding of groundwater. The organization is composed of United States and international professionals affiliated with the groundwater industry. The NGWA provides courses, conferences and webinars related to the science of groundwater to both its members and the general public. As a nonprofit organization, the NGWA also operates a separate nonprofit foundation, the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF).

    CalCo is proud to join the groundwater community and has become a member of the NGWA along with a number of our clients. As the leading advocate in the groundwater industry, we’re happy to be a part of the NGWA since it is a hallmark organization that provides and protects groundwater. We look forward to attending the 2015 Groundwater Expo held in Las Vegas tomorrow!