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  • Visual Merchandising 101

    Posted on January 26th, 2018 admin No comments


    Visual merchandising is an important part of any sales-related industry. This is especially true when you consider the importance of trade shows for industrial professionals. There are tons of similar products and many potential buyers trying to determine which product to move forward with.

    That’s where the importance of visual merchandising comes in. It allows you to generate more sales in smaller amounts of space. When you succeed at visual merchandising, you draw in the attention of prospective customers while simultaneously displaying your products, their benefits and what sets them apart from the competitors.

    Luckily, in order to be successful in visual merchandising, you don’t need to be an artist. However, it does take a little bit of science and aesthetic value.

    Think about your target customer

    When you know your target customer, inside and out, you will be able to create more effective displays. You’ll be able to understand what they are looking for in and present it to them more effectively through visual merchandizing. If you need more information on what your customers want to see, take a look at similar displays or just go out and make conversation.

    Consider all of the senses

    It can be easy to forget that people have 5 senses when you think “visual” merchandising. However, in order to be truly successful, try bringing the other senses into your display. One of the best ways to do this at an industrial trade show is through sound and touch. Let them hear how your product sounds and use a cutaway so that they can touch parts of your product that are usually hidden away.

    Like goes with like

    When you pair things that go together, it increases the likelihood that people will buy more from you. It saves them time and allows them to see things in groups of categories instead of single items. If you have multiple products that work well together, play them next to each other so that your customers can visualize them in motion.

    Remember that change is important

    When your product changes, make sure that you change out your visual marketing. It is crucial to keep everything up to date, especially when using cutaways.

    At Calco Cutaways we focus on making your job easier. We want to take your company’s visual merchandising to the next level, which is why we focus on utilizing cutaways. Our professionals help provide a customized marketing experience to display your product in it’s full capacity. Contact us today for a consultation or quote.

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