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  • Get into Your Customer’s Head

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 admin No comments

    Here’s a tough question, the answer to which every sales and marketing team needs the answer:

    What kind of message sells more products?

    It’s an age-old question, and answers can be nuanced and complicated; or be very simple:

    Make it memorable.

    A thousand messages a minute come at you from all directions. Which of these do you latch onto and actually remember? Was it the complex white paper with diagrams and statistics trying to scientifically prove a point? Possibly not.

    Chances are the most memorable message was the one that involved you. Did you get to interact with the message? Was your perspective changed in a meaningful way?

    Getting your audience to remember you and your product’s benefits is paramount to success, and industrial products have the added challenge of a small (but very experienced) audience.

    Cutaways have proven themselves as a brilliant way to attract eyes with their unique look and to immediately start conversations about what’s being revealed.

    But what if you could get your audience involved even further?

    Give them a button to push. A handle to turn. A movement to watch. An action to take that makes them part of the story.

    Interactive models are the trend of the future, and CalCo has the tools and experience to get you past the hurdles of trying to tackle this yourself.

    Help your audience remember your message long after the show or presentation is over.

    The impact you make in that one moment may be a rare chance to influence a decision.

    Grab it.

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