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  • Technician Training and it’s Importance

    Posted on November 17th, 2017 admin No comments

    0395_Antapaccay_Sergio Urday_03062017

    (Training cutaway from CalCo provides a hands-on reference)

    Technician training is a crucial component of any successful project or installation.

    Proper maintenance and upkeep of equipment keeps it running and out of the service area. If this equipment does reach the service department, you want it back to running condition quickly as well.

    Hands on training and technician familiarity with your machinery can make or break profitability. Keep your process firing on all cylinders by keeping your equipment in great working order.

    0404_Antapaccay_Sergio Urday_03062017
    CalCo creates visual training cutaways that bring your students up to speed more quickly, giving them a familiarity with the product on a visual and tactical level.

    Text books and manuals can only go so far, but a wide-open cutaway, showing how and why everything works together the way it does, speeds up understanding and brings together many ideas.

    An investment in education can save tens of thousands of dollars in lost production, broken equipment and inefficient service departments. Protect your equipment and speed up your reaction times with training cutaways.

    Give CalCo a call at +1 847-639-3858 to discuss your training team’s equipment needs.

    Photos courtesy of Antapaccay Mining Company S.A




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