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  • Inventory Cutaway Program

    Posted on May 18th, 2017 admin No comments


    You want to get your product into your distributors’ and salespeople’s hands and need a certain amount of inventory to do so. The problem is, that number changes throughout the year.

    Save time and money by having an updated stock of cutaways ready for your sales and marketing efforts. Have your latest product(s) ready to hit to road, ready for the next sales event and ready for customer meetings or trainings with CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program.

    What is CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program?

    We have different options to meet your internal inventory needs.

    Option 1: Calco holds your inventory and generates a new replenishment order when the inventory is under a specified threshold number of your choosing. We can keep all your cutaways at our location and ship them directly to your distributors, salespeople or anyone else when they want to purchase your product(s). Once we’re under the threshold number, we can order more cutaways for you.

    Option 2: You are in control for your inventory and you let CalCo know when your cutaway supply is running low so we can replenish your order.

    What are the benefits?

    Our program creates numerous benefits including:

    An automated distribution package that makes inventory tracking easier for you.

    An on-demand distributor program that allows flexibility for distributors to purchase your product(s) since demand changes.

    A better handle on inventory control since the number of products can be held at CalCo, which saves you space.

    A sense of consistency since inventory is systematic and predictable for us and for you.

    Can anyone join?

    Anyone who feels their business can take advantage of our inventory program are welcome to join.

    Is there a fee?

    There is no fee to join the program! We charge for our cutaway services (service cost is valid for up to a year) and will provide quotes for each product on a case by case basis.

    Is this useful for someone who only orders occasionally?

    This program works for everyone and is useful for anyone who is tired of keeping track of inventory, regardless of how big or small their orders are.

    CalCo can make your professional life easier by assisting you with your inventory needs. Contact Dave Kasper at for any further questions or information regarding CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program.

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