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  • Local youth robotics competitions….we have come a long way from the old soap box derby!!

    Posted on January 27th, 2015 admin No comments

    Crystal Lake Robotics 1

    Crystal Lake Robotics 2


    CalCo recently attended the McHenry County Economic Dinner, and was blown away by the innovation being showcased by manufacturers in our own back yard. Equally as impressive was meeting the students who make up the Crystal Lake Robotics Club. They compete against teams locally and nationally in specific “functionality driven competitions”, showcasing their design and engineering skills on a number of fronts. The robots are put through their paces (and on the courses), using specific construction material guidelines, including wheel composition and power limitations, with limitless fun had by all.

    Ask your company if they are active in supporting their local communities group in these areas. Not only is it a great way to compete and have fun, but it helps educate the next generation of skilled workers, for both your firm and CalCo!!


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