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  • Ever Wonder How Things Work? Cleva offers us an inside look with an Industrial Vacuum Cutaway

    Posted on April 29th, 2014 admin No comments


    Cleva Cutaway

    Cleva North America has a powerful line of vacuum equipment and they are proud to show their winning technology with this Power Head cutaway. This image shows the internals of a Vacmaster Industrial 2-stage wet/dry vac, and all the features that make their product shine.

    The cutaway features a 2 filter design, where both filters are cut-away to show even the detailed design of the filtration media. The cutaway allows Cleva North America the opportunity to explain easily the important aspects of the Vacmaster Industrial design. The addition of CalCo’s signature blue cut face paint shows the viewer exactly where cuts were taken to help visualize the uncut product as well.

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