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  • CalCo Offers Cases and Containers for All Purposes

    Posted on September 14th, 2011 admin No comments
    bearings case copy

    Custom Case with Signage

    shipping containerrev

    Drawbridge Shipping Container


    International Non-Wooden Container

    open closed case copy

    Custom Case with Logo


    Heavy-Duty Rolling Case


    Case with Wheel and Handle Options

    Now that your product looks great and is ready for the trade show or sales call you need a reliable and safe way to get it there. CalCo has the customized answer.  We create containers based on your specific needs. With every size, shape and material available we can create a case to fit your product based on weight, size and usage. For trade show displays we custom build permanent shipping containers with angle iron frames, wooden sides and felt hold downs to protect your product during shipping.  Drawbridge styles are available for larger wheeled products.  Since they are custom designed, storage compartments can be added for collateral materials or multiple units can be shipped in one container.   For overseas shipping we offer international non-wooden shipping containers or we can heat treat and certify a wooden shipping container.

    If you need a smaller, lightweight container for a salesperson to transport then wheel and handle options are available. Our cases have custom high density foam to protect your product from damage. We offer standard Pelican, ABA style cases or custom made cases for your product.  Signage and sales materials can be incorporated into the design of the case and logos can be added to the exterior to prevent loss or theft.

    If you need to protect your display give us a call to discuss your options.  We think your product deserves special attention and custom protection from CalCo.  For a further discussion of case options access this article:

    Call us at 847/639-3858 or click here for more contact information.

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