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  • Subsea Oil Bundle Displays: Exploring New Options

    Posted on April 26th, 2011 admin No comments

    Since the beginning, people have always been fascinated by exploring. Finding new places, discovering new information through unique ideas, and embracing the entire journey to which we reach our goals and expectations is why we keep seeking. And two of the most essential elements of accomplishing these feats is first equipping ourselves with the proper tools; and second, convincing others that the task at hand is obtainable.

    These ideas come to mind because a major issue that we are dealing with throughout the world right now is oil, its discovery and the many technologies existent and emerging for acquiring it. Over the past several months CalCo has received many requests to dissect oil equipment, mainly the subsea tubing used to extract oil from depths of the oceans that are hard to even fathom. This brings us to the two points we mentioned earlier:

    Tools As you can see from the pictures below we have cutaway this tubing to show the intricate hoses and materials with which they are made. There are many different styles which serve different functions. Companies are persistently trying to find the most effective and, most importantly, safest ways to provide consumers with petroleum.

    Multiple bundle display 2

    Hose Bundle  Display

    Innovation and Technique Once the tools have been established there is the need to show others that, in this case, the product is effective and separates itself from others in the same field.  With these tools cut away you can easily describe the functionality and superior edge over the competition and show that in the end they will be the reason the job will get done right!

    Like many before and after us, CalCo looks forward to any task that is put in front of us.  So whatever the job may be, CalCo will find a creative and effective way for you to demonstrate your objective to help us all move forward.  If you are interested in creating a unique product display call CalCo at 847-638-3858 or click here.

    For more information on the latest products in off-shore technology visit the OTC Shows website at

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