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  • A Small Product Can Make a BIG Impact as a Cutaway

    Posted on March 16th, 2011 admin No comments

    Corning Gilbert cutaway by CalCo Cutaways

    A cutaway is used to show the internal parts of your product which can be your most important selling tool.   The internals are often what separate your product from the competition so giving your customer an opportunity to view the actual parts and how they interrelate helps explain the advantage of your product.  If  “a picture is worth a thousand words” then how much is the real thing worth?  Usually when we think of a cutaway we think of a large engine or pump with many complexities but cutaways can be done for any size and kind of product.  Sometimes smaller items or simply constructed products can benefit the most from a cutaway.

    Recently we cutaway a coaxial cable connector with great results.  A cutaway of this nature is difficult because once the cable is cut it will not stay together.  There are numerous layers that can separate and fall out of place.   In this case we were able to embed the product in acrylic so all of the parts are visible and will stay in place.  A greater benefit is that the end result not only shows the product but can be engraved with your name, logo or any other information  and in this case it is being used as a marketing tool.  What a great way to show your product and get your name in front of your customers!

    If you are interested in having your product cutaway or if you want a corporate giveaway and need some ideas, give CalCo a call at 847/639-3858 or follow this link to Contact Us.

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