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  • Working Models Draw People In

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 admin No comments


    Motorizing your products is a great way to attract interest and show func­tionality. Many products can be actuated or rotated with a few minor adjustments and the right horsepower. Lighting and a descriptive backdrop can finish off the whole scene.

    Whether a fluid handling display or an actuating component, movement in your display will pay off for you in terms of people being drawn in by the movement and immediately asking questions about what is being shown.

    Add a push button or two to give the audience something to interact with themselves, and you will find people clamoring to try it for themselves.

    When marketing your product, the more of the (5) senses you can involve in a memorable way, the more likely it will be that your display/salesmen/company will be remembered long after the crate has been latched and the freight ticket attached.

    If a product is too large for this type of service (or too small), consider a 3D animation sequence to show your products in action. Add a touch screen display where your customer can virtually interact with your product, and you will find a line of people waiting to try it for themselves.

    Get your audience involved and tell your story to a captivated audience. The results will speak for themselves. Click here to contact CalCo or call 847/639-3858 for more information.

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