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  • CalCo makes a Great Case for Protecting Your Goods

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 admin No comments


    For every cutaway or display, there needs to be a successful way to get the unit to its intended audience. Sometimes this is as simple as a well-packed cardboard box, while sometimes a rugged behind-the-scenes shipping crate needs to be fabricated. Often, the container needs to be worthy of carrying into someone’s office and possibly even being set upon their desk. At CalCo, this need is met week after week with a variety of solutions. Whether you need to ship it through the mail or the case will be riding around in the trunk of your car, CalCo has the right option for you. These custom fit cases are custom selected and designed to fit your product specifically and have a history of peak performance. From the slim and elegant to heavy-duty workhorses, a case from CalCo will impress as well as protect.

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