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  • Get into Your Customer’s Head

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 admin No comments

    Here’s a tough question, the answer to which every sales and marketing team needs the answer:

    What kind of message sells more products?

    It’s an age-old question, and answers can be nuanced and complicated; or be very simple:

    Make it memorable.

    A thousand messages a minute come at you from all directions. Which of these do you latch onto and actually remember? Was it the complex white paper with diagrams and statistics trying to scientifically prove a point? Possibly not.

    Chances are the most memorable message was the one that involved you. Did you get to interact with the message? Was your perspective changed in a meaningful way?

    Getting your audience to remember you and your product’s benefits is paramount to success, and industrial products have the added challenge of a small (but very experienced) audience.

    Cutaways have proven themselves as a brilliant way to attract eyes with their unique look and to immediately start conversations about what’s being revealed.

    But what if you could get your audience involved even further?

    Give them a button to push. A handle to turn. A movement to watch. An action to take that makes them part of the story.

    Interactive models are the trend of the future, and CalCo has the tools and experience to get you past the hurdles of trying to tackle this yourself.

    Help your audience remember your message long after the show or presentation is over.

    The impact you make in that one moment may be a rare chance to influence a decision.

    Grab it.

  • Technician Training and it’s Importance

    Posted on November 17th, 2017 admin No comments

    0395_Antapaccay_Sergio Urday_03062017

    (Training cutaway from CalCo provides a hands-on reference)

    Technician training is a crucial component of any successful project or installation.

    Proper maintenance and upkeep of equipment keeps it running and out of the service area. If this equipment does reach the service department, you want it back to running condition quickly as well.

    Hands on training and technician familiarity with your machinery can make or break profitability. Keep your process firing on all cylinders by keeping your equipment in great working order.

    0404_Antapaccay_Sergio Urday_03062017
    CalCo creates visual training cutaways that bring your students up to speed more quickly, giving them a familiarity with the product on a visual and tactical level.

    Text books and manuals can only go so far, but a wide-open cutaway, showing how and why everything works together the way it does, speeds up understanding and brings together many ideas.

    An investment in education can save tens of thousands of dollars in lost production, broken equipment and inefficient service departments. Protect your equipment and speed up your reaction times with training cutaways.

    Give CalCo a call at +1 847-639-3858 to discuss your training team’s equipment needs.

    Photos courtesy of Antapaccay Mining Company S.A




  • How Lobby Displays Can Increase Your Revenue

    Posted on July 12th, 2017 admin No comments

    Lobby Displays2

    (Image From:

    Having a lobby display or C-suite display can be very beneficial for your business. Whether you’re looking for new clients or gaining investors, showcasing an example of your best work is a great way to receive the right attention. Here are a few ways that these display can be highly effective and profitable.

    Reinforce Market Strength: A lobby is more than just a hallway that leads from one area of the office to another. It is an opportunity to highlight the professional and distinct craftsmanship of your products. Sometimes seeing is believing and nothing shows more than a customized display that emphasizes your brand.

    Add Value: A potential customer or investor both want to trust that your brand can deliver results. Having a display immediately exudes confidence in the quality of your work. The display can answer a lot of questions about your company’s capabilities, simply with a visual.

    Generate Revenue: The best way that a display can be effective for your brand is through revenue generation. If a customer or investor’s attention has been grabbed and they feel that your product adds value, there is a strong potential for customer acquisition or investor relations.

    To explore lobby or c-suite display options for your company, please contact Dave Kasper at

  • Let Us Sweat The Small Stuff (Outsourcing vs. In House Production)

    Posted on June 12th, 2017 admin No comments


    Do you make your own tradeshow displays internally? It may make sense to consider outsourcing them. There are many factors to consider such as time savings, cost management, employee time and expense, internal material availability, and the experience it sometimes requires to efficiently create a show stopping demo.

    Time Efficiency – It may seem like doing everything within your own company will save time, but oftentimes the opposite occurs and many crucial hours are lost. Your internal team already has specific tasks to do on a daily basis. It can become very time consuming to add product design to their plate.

    Outsourcing with CalCo solves this problem. Have a dedicated team that is readily available and equipped to handle the entire process with skill and agility.

    Production Loss – If your team is spending time focusing on display processing, then other things are being placed on the back burner. This usually means production profit is decreased because the process has been extended.

    When outsourcing a model, there is no reason for a stall on any production processes or profits. While CalCo creates your show model, you can take the operational time needed to stay on schedule with all your clients.

    DETAILS! – Many hands must be involved to smoothly take the process from beginning to end. This causes interruptions, multiple departments worrying about minor details and adjustments that may be needed on the fly.

    Outsourcing removes those interruptions from the workflow. CalCo specializes in creating show models for many companies and knows exactly how to do the process efficiently. Let us sweat the small stuff!

    Show Paint vs. Production Paint – CalCo understands the significance of creating a show model. While production paint serves more of an industrial purpose, we prioritize solely on using automotive “show quality” paint for all models. This creates a professional and alluring look for displays and creates a lasting impression.

    Stands and Base mounts – Having made thousands of stands and display tables over years gives you a fast, reliable and tested solution for displaying your products. You will see the rewards when your finished product showcase is both durable and attractive.

    Outsourcing needs is a decision that will greatly benefit your bottom line and your company’s efficiency without adversely affecting your image. If you choose CalCo to handle this work for you, rest assured you are in experienced hands.

  • CalCo at Acodal 2017 Show in Cartagena, Colombia.

    Posted on June 5th, 2017 admin No comments

    Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.00.21 PM

    (Mueller and Singer Valve Colleagues at ACODAL 2017)

    The Colombian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering – ACODAL is a not-for-profit trade association.  It brings together most of the members of the water, sanitation and environmental sector. The ACODAL 2017 event had more than 2000 attendees present.

    Several institutions, researchers and industry professionals discussed aspects of sustainability in the fields of water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy. Mueller and Singer Valve were two companies that were attendance at ACODAL 2017 that are CalCo clients. Mueller is known for their innovative Water Distribution Products of superior quality. The company creates products such as fire hydrants, gate valves, and other water distribution products.

    Mueller plans to acquire Singer, a manufacturer of automatic control valves. This acquisition further positions Mueller Water Products to provide product offerings for pressure monitoring, pressure management and non-revenue water remediation with a combination of automatic control valves, pipe condition assessment and leak detection. All the attendees of ACODAL 2017 had a great networking opportunity and gained useful information about the future of the industry.

    When is your next trade show? Contact us for help with any of your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858 or emailing us at


  • Inventory Cutaway Program

    Posted on May 18th, 2017 admin No comments


    You want to get your product into your distributors’ and salespeople’s hands and need a certain amount of inventory to do so. The problem is, that number changes throughout the year.

    Save time and money by having an updated stock of cutaways ready for your sales and marketing efforts. Have your latest product(s) ready to hit to road, ready for the next sales event and ready for customer meetings or trainings with CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program.

    What is CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program?

    We have different options to meet your internal inventory needs.

    Option 1: Calco holds your inventory and generates a new replenishment order when the inventory is under a specified threshold number of your choosing. We can keep all your cutaways at our location and ship them directly to your distributors, salespeople or anyone else when they want to purchase your product(s). Once we’re under the threshold number, we can order more cutaways for you.

    Option 2: You are in control for your inventory and you let CalCo know when your cutaway supply is running low so we can replenish your order.

    What are the benefits?

    Our program creates numerous benefits including:

    An automated distribution package that makes inventory tracking easier for you.

    An on-demand distributor program that allows flexibility for distributors to purchase your product(s) since demand changes.

    A better handle on inventory control since the number of products can be held at CalCo, which saves you space.

    A sense of consistency since inventory is systematic and predictable for us and for you.

    Can anyone join?

    Anyone who feels their business can take advantage of our inventory program are welcome to join.

    Is there a fee?

    There is no fee to join the program! We charge for our cutaway services (service cost is valid for up to a year) and will provide quotes for each product on a case by case basis.

    Is this useful for someone who only orders occasionally?

    This program works for everyone and is useful for anyone who is tired of keeping track of inventory, regardless of how big or small their orders are.

    CalCo can make your professional life easier by assisting you with your inventory needs. Contact Dave Kasper at for any further questions or information regarding CalCo’s Inventory Cutaway Program.

  • Fire Hydrant & Pump Cutaway for Ohio Training School

    Posted on February 10th, 2017 admin No comments

    CalCo Cutaways completed a project for a fire training school in Ohio. We created a fire hydrant cutaway and a motorized pump cutaway, and put each one on its own rolling stand so it’s easy to move and transport when used for training.

    The pump was rescued from an old fire truck. Full color coding was painted on the pump cutaway to show the water flow path. The pump panel was included to allow for the actuation of the valves. The pump cutaway is also motorized to show what a driver that’s connected to the pump looks like when it’s activated.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 3

    Firefighters use fire hydrant and pump cutaways to educate and empower their teams. These tangible training models provide firsthand instruction to firefighters so they learn and have a better understanding on the internal structures of hydrants and pumps—two of the most important tools firefighters use on the job. These cutaways provide hands-on experience and help firefighters visualize how a hydrant and pump’s internal components look and fit together. By knowing how each one works, firefighters can boost their confidence and strengthen their efficiency in the field.

    fire hydrant cutaway ohio 2  fire hydrant cutaway ohio 4

    Check out our fire training cutaway video above or here that was designed for fire department training!

  • CalCo at 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas

    Posted on February 6th, 2017 admin No comments

    The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), which started 85 years ago as a heating and ventilation show, has grown into the HVACR event of the year and is held in major cities across the U.S. The 2017 Show was in Las Vegas.

    2017 AHR Expo

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brought together professionals in the HVACR industry.

    Hosting more than 2,000 exhibitors and attracting crowds of 60,000 industry professionals from every state in America and 150 countries worldwide, AHR Expo provided a unique forum designed expressly for the HVACR community, allowing professionals to get together to share new products, technologies and ideas. The AHR Expo was co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI and was held concurrently with ASHRAE’s Winter Conference.

    2017 AHR Expo 2  2017 AHR Expo 3

    No matter what area of business you’re in, CalCo’s goal is to create unique models and products that grab the attention of your customers. We provide customized and eye-catching solutions to fit your individual needs so your product stands out at every exposition, conference and trade show you attend.

    Are you ready for your next show? Contact us for help with any of your trade show needs by calling us at 847.639.3858 or emailing us at

  • CalCo at 2016 SEMA/AAPEX Show in Las Vegas

    Posted on November 10th, 2016 admin No comments

    The SEMA/AAPEX show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brought together professionals in the automotive industry.


    The 2016 SEMA/AAPEX Show drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers. The displays were segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,500 newly introduced parts, tools and components. In addition, the SEMA/AAPEX Show provided attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more.

    Manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world attended the show that showcases innovative automotive products, services and technologies. Some of SEMA/AAPEX’s sponsors included Motorcraft, Spectra Premium, MEV TECH, ZF and AC Delco.

    sema-1   sema-3

    No matter what area of business you’re in, CalCo’s goal is to create unique, eye-catching models that grab the attention of your customers. We provide customized solutions to fit your individual needs so your product stands out at every exposition, conference and trade show you attend.

    When is your next show? Contact us for help with your trade show cutaway needs by calling us at 847.639.3858 or emailing us at

  • CalCo at 2016 GIE+Expo in Louisville

    Posted on October 24th, 2016 admin No comments

    The Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) is an international tradeshow held annually in Louisville. The 2016 show was held from October 19-21st at the Kentucky Expo Center along with the Hardscape North America tradeshow. With 19 acres of outdoor demonstration area, 750+ indoor and outdoor exhibits, and education & training for all industry segments, GIE+EXPO continues to grow year after year.



    It was great to connect with CalCo’s current customers and form new partnerships in an event that brings together landscape professionals in the outdoor equipment industry.

    Buyers, designers, distributors, contractors, equipment dealers, international importers, engineers and more participants from all over the world attended the expo that showcases outdoor power equipment and other products for landscape, gardening and outdoor leisure. Some of GIE+EXPO’s sponsors included National Association of Landscape Professionals, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Professional Grounds Management Society and more.


    No matter what area of business you’re in, CalCo’s goal is to create unique, eye-catching models that grab the attention of your customers. We provide customized solutions to fit your individual needs so your product stands out at every exposition, conference and trade show you attend.

    When is your next show? Contact us for help with your trade show cutaway needs by calling us at 847.639.3858 or emailing us at